2017 – Can We Go Outside Yet?

I feel it premature to label 2016 as the worst year ever, because I remain the eternal pessimist. There is always room for 2017 to be worse, there are always more celebrities, more that politicians can do wrong or completely destroy, and we are enduring the short-sightedness of the industrial revolution now more than ever.

But you don’t come here for the doom and gloom, I’ll be starting a new blog for that. My own blog, with politics, and outrage.

Plans Afoot

This year I set out with the goal to play more games, and I can very gladly say that I have played many. Ok sure, I spent a lot of time on Skyrim again, but I’ve finally dipped into Civilization, Shadowrun, Bastion, and South Park: The Stick of Truth. It’s been a journey of discovery, re-discovery, and just kicking back to enjoy some favourites, and some new insights into design that have helped me develop skills in other areas.

Next year will be dedicated to reading. I said I’d be reading more a couple of years ago and never got around to it, and my reading list is full to burst, especially with the introduction of an entire new series: The Long Earth, a joint effort by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter.


As Tim will attest, I have a bad tendency to come up with article ideas on the spot, and fail miserably to plan ahead, especially since I started to run thin on DMing 101 titles. Well now I have a few fresh ideas to work with, a new series that plays to some of my other strengths. Between that and a few book reviews and other… pending ideas I should be a lot better organised than in the past, and once again writing for GeekOut makes me a better person.

Things To Look Forward To

I may have opened with a portrait of woe but the new year already has some highlights to look forward to.

For Game of Thrones 2017 marks the beginning of the end, Stranger Things and West World will continue with their second seasons, and better yet we will see the beginnings of American Gods and the Dark Tower. Ok, the last one was a film not a series, but still, get excited already! I needn’t express how giddy I am for Netflix’s Iron Fist and Defenders… but I am, very giddy.

The Fractured But Whole will follow up the first (good) South Park game, but it seems like the console players have the most to look forward to this year. The most incredible looking Legend of Zelda game will dominate the starting line-up of Nintendo Switch, another of their radical leaps into the capabilities of the console market. Horizon Zero Dawn looks likely to be a PS4 exclusive for a very long time to come, one of the very few disappointments a PC gamer ever has to suffer.

And of course we have a whole new year of Meetups, conventions and events; I’m not ashamed to admit that my 2017 all pivots on it’s third day.


The speed at which Kita and Ame have begun to sell out it’ll be a tense twenty minutes, followed by an even more pressing wait to hear about friends from across the country and their own success. If we don’t see you there then we hope to see you at GeekOut some day soon.

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