GeekOut Bristol Meet – December 31st: HAPPY NEW YEAR Gallery

A ‘smaller’ GeekOut Bristol Meetup took place on New Years Eve, to celebrate in the new year. Here we are, celebrating it in all of our glory!

A ‘smaller’ GeekOut Bristol Meetup took place on New Years Eve, to celebrate in the new year. Each time the year adds a one to its digits column, you know you need to do something that’s bigger and better than the year before. It’s like an incredible race to be as good as you can be – But we often get waylayed by unforeseen circumstance, or we just get bored of making the best of ourselves. It’s inevitable for us as humans to do this too… But that’s not necessarily a bad thing! So, for one day of the year only, we forget all about everything we know and love… We stop working, we get to a party, or we have a quiet indoors affair, snuggle up as best we can and just enjoy the fireworks: Literally.

Happy new year all!

Bristol wasn’t full of fireworks on New Years Eve, rolling into New Years Day – Strangely. I mean, I am sure there were some places that held a display, but the centre of Bristol was relatively tame from where we were sitting. With this in mind, we rocked up to the Old Market Tavern at 6pm, with a table at the door to keep an eye out for our fellow geeks. We invited them in, slapped a paper wristband on them so they were fully omitted to the gathering of geeks, got them all to play games and sure enough – We had one hell of a meetup going into the new year. It was an excellent way to start 2017 – And it was truly a night to be remembered.

A huge thank you to everyone who turned up… And the competition? It was rather nice to see. It came together really well, people seemed pretty serious about it (At least for the most part) and it was all in all a good time. Some of the entrants aren’t quite Safe For Work, but with that said, it’s not like there’s any imagery on these entries – So browse at your leisure! We couldn’t have had one of our meetups without one of our competitions – But on top of that, we had such a good gathering, I thought it’d be good to share the events of last night with all of you. So, without further adeiu, here is our gallery of the last GeekOut Bristol Meet of 2016:

We ended up with approximately 40 people. Some people came and left – Mostly because they had other events to go and get to themselves, but it is always nice when people at least pop in. Yes, it was a smaller affair than usual, but still plenty busy enough for us all to enjoy that feeling of being together on New Years Eve. A lot of people actually were thankful to have somewhere to go, rather than being stuck at home. Hopefully you enjoyed looking through our latest Meetup images. As per usual, if you want to get involved but don’t know how, just let us know in the comments. Were you at this months event? Let us know below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.

Want to come to the next meetup? It takes place in just 11 days time!

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