Top 10 Funny Social Media Accounts

It’s a brand new day, so it’s time to go onto our favourite social media site and see what’s happening in the world… Haha! They got so roasted! Yes everybody, this is the day and age where being hilarious on the internet is actually a pretty cool thing. You don’t have to be a Hollywood star to be a widely followed account, whether you’re a fast food chain, or just some guy who likes to share strange pictures, here’s our Top 10 Funny Social Media Accounts.

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It’s a new day, so it’s time to go onto our favourite social media site and see what’s happening in the world… Haha! They got so roasted! Yes everybody, this is the day and age where being hilarious on the internet is actually a pretty cool thing. You don’t have to be a Hollywood star to be a widely followed account, whether you’re a fast food chain, or just some guy who likes to share strange pictures, here’s our Top 10 Funny Social Media Accounts.

Top 10

10) Wint (@dril)


One of the earliest examples of a Troll account on the internet, well, okay, on Twitter. Wint has been around since 2008 and he’s still going today, finally releasing a Patreon account for his misdeeds… Indeed. He’s a little bit on the random side, but he’s certainly got the entertainment factor about him. With that very recognisable twitter avatar, he’s able to get a ridiculous amount of likes and retweets with a simple phrase.

We can’t show many of his tweets here, as we’re strictly a PG-13 website (Of course..!) However, if you’re a-okay with some foul language, then go ahead and click on his Twitter account above. It’s certainly a Twitter feed that you’ll read once and probably think “well, that certainly wasn’t enlightening!” But you’ll at least come away with a chuckle or two at the mysterious Wint’s antics. Also, just to point out, his username is a little strange too.

9) Texts from Dog (Official Page)



Ever wonder what your dog gets up to in your absence? Do you listen to them bark and wish you could understand what they were saying? Prepare to regret such flights of fantasy, just as one unfortunate soul has by teaching his dog to send text messages. October Jones (Joe Butcher) now suffers incessant updates on what animals have been chased, what household fixture has been ruined, and what terrible things dog has done in a fit of boredom.

In addition to being damn funny, Texts from Dog is a great example of a social media page grabbing success outside of social media, with two books published filled with screenshots of the constant hardships of canine life. The Facebook and Tumblr pages seem to have slowed a little of recent times, but their archives are still worth a browse if you ever needed a reason to never give a dog a phone.

8) Dihydrogen Monoxide Awareness (Official Page)

Live in deep and constant fear, you are eternally surrounded by a chemical responsible for more deaths than gun crime, terrorism and donkeys combined. It’s a key component of even the most toxic household cleaning products, and yet can be found in most soft drinks. They actively remove the dihydrogen monoxide from the food they send to space for astronauts, so why feed it to our children?

This socially responsible page not only works tirelessly to keep us safe from this deadly chemical, but also use their merchandise to help bring water to drought stricken countries, and shine a light upon many pseudoscientific claims made by more serious news pages. Who says comedy can’t help anyone?

7) Old Spice (Official Page)

Now look at your man, now back to me, now back to your man – Old Spice are particularly well known for being a little bit outrageous with their advertising campaigns. From adverts including unicorns and people who you wish your man was, to their social media campaigns? Wait a minute…

Yes, Old Spice seem to have also picked up on social media being the key to success in the modern world. With some of the silliest, wittiest Tweets you can imagine, Old Spice will sometimes even make Polls, just to see which bar on the poll is bigger. W-well, good for them! If it makes them happy and what not, then go for it – It’s highly entertaining, a little bit random and highly successful. Heck: We’re still talking about Old Spice, aren’t we?

6) Bork, Bork, I Am Doggo (Official Page)


You know this should be on this list as much as we do, we all love these doggo and pupper memes, but if you’ve not heard of it, you’re in for a little bit of a treat. These are probably amongst the most innocent memes, at least since lolcats were such a big thing. Doggo’s and pupper’s are basically images of a dog or a puppy with some rather silly and often intentionally misspelled words about how they’ve been done a bamboozle.

We couldn’t rank the doggos and puppers any higher than this however, as ultimately a meme page is really limited. Once a meme reaches a peak, it then quickly crashes… But right now, we’re loving these boopable snoots. Ultimately, if lolcats were a thing on social media before they became as big as they did, they’d probably be taking the doggos place right now!

5) Scarfolk Council (Official Page)

I gave very serious consideration to the Welcome to Nightvale Facebook and Twitter pages as extensions of their darkly humorous podcast, but it’s their podcast most worthy of note. Turn then to the town of Scarfolk, locked into in some terrifying mid-apocalypse 1970’s Britain, and all the dystopian community notices and political propaganda that come with it.

Are you aware of children in your area? Do you often find yourself subjected to other people, possibly from other “not Scarfolk” places? If you wish to be dangerously irradiated or fear your own thoughts, you may consider moving to this quaint town to have your every movement monitored, questioned, and inevitably controlled by polite and enthusiastic propaganda.

For more information, please re-read this entry.

4) Condescending Corporate Brand Page (Official Page)

A rather different take on observational comedy, Condescending Corporate Brand Page just loves to highlight the laughable attempts at starting hashtags and engaging with the tech-savvy society made by supermarkets, restaurant chains and shops. Enjoy perusing through examples of big companies trying to exploit national holidays and major historical figures for a cheap sale. Marvel at the weakest clickbait you’ll ever scroll past. Brace yourself for the least engaging attempts at engaging your attention!

Seriously it’s hilarious how bad these companies are at social media, and Condescending Corporate Brand Page does the hard work of finding these “genius” marketing moments and bringing them together in one place so we don’t have to follow the pages ourselves.

3) 50 Nerds of Grey (@50nerdsofgrey)

Imagine if you had never read 50 Shades of Grey (done) and you’re having to explain it to someone who also hasn’t read it. Now imagine that you decided you needed some context, but the only context you could give someone is that it’s a highly erotic book, filled to the brim with saucy lines. So far, so good, except, when you said saucy, the person you’re explaining this too starts asking you for the citation for that sauce… Huh..?

Suddenly, your friend asks you all about the sexual escapades of a man obsessed with torturing a lover… By being disgusting about the Operating System he installs. Yes, this is exactly what this Tweet page is all about: Rewriting 50 Shades of Grey to make it a lot more geeky and all around a laugh a minute.

2) Florida Man (@_FloridaMan)

Marvel and DC have nothing on the world’s mightiest superhero. Not 2000AD or Dark Horse can match the twisted and insane world he inhabits. Zenescope blushes at his antics, Image balks at his imaginative exploits. These are the preposterous adventures of Florida Man!

Florida Man (and female counterpart Florida Woman) are actual news stories retold as if the idiotic and bizarre crimes that make the headlines in Florida were in fact the deeds of a comic book hero gone way, way… waaaay off the rails. From attacking the disabled with fish to lying in the road swearing and covered in ketchup, this twitter account is just the biggest outlet for these parodies of actual news.

Dammit, Florida! Get it together!

1) Wendy’s (@Wendys)


The undisputed heavyweight champion of roasting people; The fast food chain that delivers more than fries with that; The sass from the red-headed lass, it’s Wendy’s! This American fast-food chain has got someone behind that keyboard of theirs, who is not just a warrior – They back it up every time. I’m a little intimidated about posting this article, as you never know if Wendy’s will be watching…

… Ah who am I kidding? I’ve not asked to be roasted and we never put the number 1 slot as the featured image for our Top 10’s – But in seriousness, it was so close between Wendy’s and Florida Man, but the thing that gave Wendy’s the lead, was literally just the numbers. Over a million Twitter followers and over eight million Facebook likes, compare this to Florida Man’s (still sizable) audience – There could only be one ultimate funny social media account. Good job, Wendy’s – Now can you fly some of your burgers over here to the UK for us? We really want to try some. Cheers!

Honourable Mentions

Alright, let’s be real now – If the above didn’t make you at least chortle a little bit, then maybe this wasn’t your subject… So here’s two more social media accounts that we had to do a double take on. They don’t make the main list, but they’ll possibly make you laugh from the absurdity all the same!

Charmin (@Charmin)

Charmin, aka that brand of toilet roll, is just another brand that seems to have come to the realisation that the internet is really, really great – For trolls! Well, I say trolls, but Charmin are really pretty good about their Tweets. I’m specifically pointing out their Twitter feed, as they seem to be filled with literal poop jokes. This is a bloody good thing, considering what the main focus of their brand is.

With some lovable family friendly bears as their mascots, it’s hard to believe these guys going rogue on social media, but hey – I guess everyone’s gotta go at some point, so why not enjoy the toilet humour of this charming brand? Well, it’s true what they say… Bears really do sh–

Garfield Minus Garfield (Tumblr Page)

A meme that expanded across pretty much all the major social media outlets that eventually became dominated by a single creator Dan Walsh who excelled in making the classic Jim Davis comic strip far more tragic and existential by removing the eponymous figure and leaving only owner Jon Arbuckle talking to an empty room.

The silence and emptiness of Arbuckle’s life is made poignant by the edited strips removing the sarcastic thoughts of his housecat, but it becomes horrifying when removing the object of conversation altogether, and you are left with a middle aged man failing at basic tasks and announcing his anxiety into the air. Though it has it’s own website now, the Tumblr page still runs alongside a Facebook and Twitter page.

Now that we’ve finished being tickled by these riveting tweets and status updates, it’s time for us to turn off the internet for another day. But before we get going, we’d best put up the poll for next week’s Top 10 vote. As always, if you see one that you like the sounds of, just select it, hit that submit button and boom! It might be the one we do next week.

That’s it from us now, hopefully you had a bit of a laugh at/with some of these accounts. If you think we missed any major social media accounts out that deserve the mention for being so damn funny, then let us know in the comments below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit. Remember: Just because you’re not famous doesn’t mean you can’t be at least e-famous! Or at least following a bunch of internet celebrities.

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