Gamer Question of the Month: Feb 2017

We were asked by the lovely team over at the Later Levels if I would like to take part in doing a monthly Q&A, to open discussion about video games amongst bloggers. This month’s question: What’s the hardest game in the universe, ever?

We were asked by the lovely team over at the Later Levels if I would like to take part in doing a monthly Q&A, to open discussion about video games amongst bloggers. If you’re interested in joining in the discussion, leave us a comment below, or reach out to Later Levels. Every month here on GeekOut South-West, we’ll be sharing what the question of the month is, as well as what our answers to this question is and our justification for the answers.

What’s the hardest game in the universe, ever?

The next few paragraphs will be from the GeekOut South-West team – All giving their take on the above question of the month.

I Wanna Be The Guy – Timlah

Have you ever wanted to scream and swear at a game, so damn much, that your neighbors think you’re murdering something? Yeah, welcome to I Wanna Be The Guy, a troll game which is intentionally tricky. It’s not supposed to be an easy little platformer, but instead it’s a game where you need to learn from each death. You might be writing down maps, you might be second guessing the way the game actually works – but all in all, you’re in for a lot of deaths.

Tabletop RPGs – Joel

My Group
My tabletop rpg group!

I may be biased but I’d argue that tabletop RPGs are the hardest games, certainly from the perspective of the Game Master/Narrator.

Anyone can practice a game to death, break a system, or perfect a skill, but years of running tabletop games and you are always learning something new. Every person who sits at your table presents new challenges, changes the dynamics, and alters the way you think. Pleasing everyone is an impossible demand to meet, and yet as a GM you have to strive for exactly that, and you can never hope to accomplish it, only get as close as possible.

That’s it for this month’s responses to this question – What did you think of our answers? Do you have any games you’d consider “The hardest game in the universe, ever”? As always, leave a comment below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit. If you wanna see who else has been writing, check out The Mental Attic and Later Levels today.

Author: GeekOut Media Team

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5 thoughts on “Gamer Question of the Month: Feb 2017”

  1. In relation to IWBTG… Super Meat Boy.

    Whilst the former is definitely a harder game by the standard definition, the fact that quite a bit of it can be considered “cheap” (from certain perspectives) does dampen the effect.

    In SMB, everything is on the player. You die? You’re at fault. The controls are tight and refined meaning very few errors can be pinned there.
    It also gives more of a proud feeling when your achieve the goal, because it wasn’t finding out which apples and which moon want to kill you, it’s because you *ahem* “got gud”


    1. I agree and I even considered SMB – Quite a lot in fact. I was thinking “Actually, I’ve not completed SMB” – But the reason for it is I’ve not devoted the time to completing it.

      I ended up finding a lot of the map designs of SMB were cheaper than IWBTG. With IWBTG, once you understood a maps gimmick, you could beat it. The best example being the second room, where it’s outside and there’s apples on the tree. Your first guess? Run past the apples. They smoosh you. So you then try again, slower. You beat the first apple, then the second apple tricks you and goes -up- instead.

      It’s all about perspective here: SMB is indeed the ‘fairer’ game, although I thought the maps were more often than not cheaper. Although, the adrenaline from the chasing levels were awesome..!


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