Trailer Rundown – Superbowl ’17

I do not sports.

I am not a sports person, I cannot name sports people, but I like how those who sports on a regular basis don’t admit to being nerds despite the fact that they’re bigger geeks than we are when it comes down to names, numbers, dates; I see no difference between sports fans at a match and geeks at a convention. But anyway, that’s not the point.

I love the Super Bowl! I’m vaguely aware of the results and that they are somehow historically important, but I was far more interested in YouTube the following few days, which have been as full of trailers as I’d hoped. Some I expected, some I really didn’t, most of them made me stupidly excited, and here are those:

Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2

Let’s face it, if you weren’t sold on Baby Groot and the best Drax lines we may ever hear from the other trailers we’ve seen so far then… well we’ve lost you altogether. In the extended TV spot from the Superbowl we get a few new surprises, and another epic track from the all new Awesome Mix. In addition to seeing a little more of Mantis’s involvement, we also get to see Yondu looking more like his original badass self from the comics without compromising Michael Rooker’s slightly “hickish” style.

We still have no idea about the big shouting worm thing, who or what the bomb is for, and if anyone has any tape. New questions raised in this short preview: who’s the shiny gold lady? What’s the story going to be? And what the hell Nebula, how did you get there? Oh, and let’s not ever forget that awesome group shot that may never actually appear in the film… seems obvious trailer-bait, but it’s so cool!

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

This will sound odd, but I didn’t want to want this film. My first thoughts as those posters emerged were very much along the lines of “Oh, they’re actually going through with this” but now we have a bit more to entice us, and it’s a villain that seizes you by the spine and yanks. Javier Bardem will be playing the latest in a long line of pirates offended by the actions of Captain Jack Sparrow, a dead man who will presumably tell tales, thus defeating the object of the title.

The PotC franchise looks to be stepping back to its’ horror-tinged roots with a brand new ghost story. Not merely ghostly pirates, but a skeletal ship, zombie sharks and a zombie parrot. I already love the look of the thing, the way Salazar’s hair flows as if underwater, the way the bones of the dead look like rotted hulls, and indeed the way their rotted hull looks skeletal, it’s an obvious, but elegant blend. Sharp eyes will spot the grinning prow of the Flying Dutchman, marking the return of Orlando Bloom, as befits a tale of those seeking to escape a death at sea.

Stranger Things Season 2

I’m already hooked very deeply into Stranger Things thanks to the Dungeons & Dragons references and some of the best performances by child actors you may ever see. My next few weeks will be spent minutely dissecting each and every frame, from the Ghostbuster’s uniforms to the silhouette on the red horizon.

Looks like things are going to get bigger, and if the Duffer Brothers can moderate their spectacle creep then we could be in for one hell of a second season, perhaps even more if we’re lucky. It’s incredible how the first confirmation only needed the episode titles to seize our interest, Netflix really know how to publicise, but I really hope they’ll be giving us more between now and Hallowe’en because I don’t know if I can wait another eight months! What am I going to do? Watch Iron Fist?

Actually that sounds fine.

And The Rest

Logan – Unlike Tim, I am sick to death of Wolverine films, and increasingly disappointed with X-Men films. If you have yet to go weary of Hugh Jackman playing the gritty Mary Sue and want to see Patrick Stewart swearing, then enjoy.

John Wick 2 – Didn’t see the first John Wick, although I heard pretty good reports regarding Keanu Reeves’ performance. Perhaps one day I’ll get around to it, but for now I shall share a fairly bland looking action film trailer with you.

More Transformers – If you think Michael Bay deserves more money, please go and see this dystopian future in which Transformers are banned somehow.

Ghost In The Shell – Complain all you like about Hollywood white-washing. While I agree that there is a vast pool of talent going under-appreciated, right now I have to say that if using Scarlet Johansson’s fame to drag people into this film awakens a few latent anime fans then it’s done a great service. This is looking more and more like a shot-for-shot remake of the animated spectacular, and that alone will make it worthwhile if that is indeed what we get in the cinema.

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  1. As bland as John Wick looks on the surface, I would genuinely recommend it even if it’s just a single “in the background” viewing. It’s an action film that doesn’t try to take itself too seriously on it’s plot.

    Plus Keanu Reeves is never a bad shout :)


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