Gamer Question of the Month: Mar 2017

Last month, we introduced a monthly series, called Gamer Question of the Month which was brought to us by the lovely people over at Later Levels. As such, this is our second month in and therefore we’re going to make sure our answers stay to the point and are relevant entirely to the question. This time around, it might be hard to stray from the question – As it’s pretty much as simple as they come. This month, we’ve been asked…

We were asked by the lovely team over at the Later Levels if I would like to take part in doing a monthly Q&A, to open discussion about video games amongst bloggers. If you’re interested in joining in the discussion, leave us a comment below, or reach out to Later Levels. Every month here on GeekOut South-West, we’ll be sharing what the question of the month is, as well as what our answers to this question is and our justification for the answers.

What Game Has The Best Soundtrack?

The next few paragraphs will be from the GeekOut South-West team – All giving their take on the above question of the month.

For me this one was a really easy pick, I mean I’ve ranted and raved about this game and it’s music for a very long time. I even wrote a guest article back in 2015 regarding this exact subject and I still mentioned this game. It’s one of those games that has a soundtrack so good, that not only do you enjoy it, but the guy who made the soundtrack (and he’s made a lot) went on record to say it’s his favourite musical score in any of the franchise.

Final Fantasy IX – Timlah

Final Fantasy IX is a game I’m playing through on YouTube at the moment, which means that I hear it’s music a lot right now. It’s melodic, it’s simple and most importantly: It’s a fantasy score like no-other. It’s clear Nobou Uematsu went to town on this one and he enjoyed it. There’s joy in the happy moments, such as “Zidane’s Theme” which plays as he’s commandeering an airship to take to Lindblum. There’s suspense in moments, such as “You’re Not Alone”, where Zidane is fighting alone, only to be joined by his friends. It’s clever, intense and passionate music.

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 – Joel


It was a hard decision to make but of all the incredible soundtracks I know and love, I have to go with my first love, Heroes of Might and Magic 3. The incredible classical score made every faction so much more unique, give each a dramatic feel and personality, brings up the pace of combat, and slides into the background effortlessly. It was the first title to make me sit up and pay attention to the level of talent being thrown into the gaming industry, and it’s set my expectations in the years to come.

That’s it for this month’s responses to this question – What did you think of our answers? Do you have any games you’d consider “The hardest game in the universe, ever”? As always, leave a comment below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit. If you wanna see who else has been writing, check out The Mental Attic and Later Levels today.

Author: GeekOut Media Team

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9 thoughts on “Gamer Question of the Month: Mar 2017”

  1. Given some thought…
    I’d have to pick between Metal Gear Rising and FTL, they’re the two soundtracks I listen to the most, and they contrast so much it’s a bit baffling but both of them are so fitting to the scenario, one for fast paced battles between two super-powered cyborgs and the other matching the quiet, confident exploration of the stars.

    Honourable mentions:
    -Undertale (just… cause originality :P)
    -Scott Pilgrim VS The World: The Game (a variety of amazing chiptune tracks)
    -Hearthstone (despite it only being a handful of songs, none of them get old or annoying)

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  2. The problem with Hearthstone, which in turn goes onto the same issue with FTL, for the record, is they’re basically lobby music. Don’t get me wrong, as someone who clocked in a few hours on FTL, I love listening to FTLs soundtrack. Gorgeous! But both Hearthstone and FTL’s music are ‘non-offensive’ on the ear, thus you can listen to it at any time. There’s no challenge. No struggle. Nothing – It’s just pleasant.

    Metal Gear Rising is a GREAT call, as is Undertale. I won’t lie though: I’ve not heard Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game’s soundtrack. Time to go educate myself :)


  3. It’s a really hard choice… but if I had to pick just one, it would be Final Fantasy VII. I dunno, that soundtrack stuck on 10 year old me and left an impression. “On that Day, 5 Years Ago” always makes me think of what I did years ago, whether it was good or bad. And “One Winged Angel” is probably one of the most iconic final boss music ever created.

    ~Ryan from Games with Coffee


    1. It’s interesting that you too have gone for a Final Fantasy soundtrack. Of course, FFVII came into my mind too, but the pure fantasy brilliance of the FFIX soundtrack is why I always refer to it as the greatest video game soundtrack made. This said, I think FFVII is never a bad pick for this question and I’d certainly not disagree with One Winged Angel being one of the most iconic final boss tracks made! Arguably it’s -the- most iconic? Or does that honour fall to Bowser in Super Mario Bros? :P

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      1. Ooh, that’s a good question! Maybe that should be a question of the month, kind of a follow up to March’s question? It’d be interesting to see what answers other gamers come up with? :D

        Final Fantasy IX’s soundtrack is also a great one. Overclocked Remix ( recently remixed the entire soundtrack to the game, so if you’re interested, you should check it out!

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      2. Oh yes – Heard that and it’s simply fantastic. To be fair, they are all in all a brilliant group. I think we should submit that as a future Gamer Question of the Month :) At least this months is set and is due to go up… Soooon!

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