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GeekOut Bristol Meet – March 10th: SUPERHEROES ASSEMBLE Gallery

The law was led down – The evildoers of the world have been vanquished. We went through a super night of fun, games, drinks and geekdom, as well as another of our more creative competitions to date. Yes, it’s that time for us to look back at the competition, as well as the events that unfolded at the GeekOut Bristol Meet that happened this past Friday night. It was a great time for all involved, that’s for sure!

We were back to our usual sorts of numbers, looking around 63 people by the end of the night. It’s not quite the level we got up to at one point, but we’ll be back there soon, mark my words! At this event, we debuted a brand new game called 3 Wishes, which happened to be a fantastic game. We also got new books from someone who wanted to donate books to our book and comic swap and we also got a lot of new people come join in the fun and games. With regulars turning up and with plenty of things to see and do, this was a long night full of friends and much more.

The competition went down a real treat. People seemingly enjoyed having a comic strip to work with and we got some incredibly creative comics submitted. Here’s a selection of some of them – We couldn’t put all of them on here for varying reasons.

And now – Our winners

3rd Place: Ready, Aim, Switch! by Greg Thorn

2nd Place: Artistic Specks by Claire Carter

1st Place: GeekOut Goat by Jason Fisher – Check him out at VidyaSauce

For even more images from this months event, check out Jason’s album on Facebook.

That’s it for this months gallery. If you were here at the GeekOut Bristol Meet this past Friday, why not give us a comment below, or over on our Facebook, Twitter or Reddit channels. Let us know what you thought – Are our galleries good to look through? Did you enjoy the comics from this months event? If you’d like to download the panels for yourself, feel free to download them here.


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