GeekOut Shrewsbury Meet – It Begins

After far too long of obfuscating and debating and delaying, I am finally getting things together to bring to Shrewsbury the get-togethers that have been so loved in Bristol, the GeekOut Meets. Those of you already on our Facebook page may have noticed the event popping up on their feed with an inaccurate photo attached from the other geek-event I’ve been touting, e-Collectica games days. So why the delays?

Well Shrewsbury’s geek calendar is very busy! Weekly, monthly, annually we have something to appeal to those with a taste for tabletop games and comic books, as well as a smattering of those that reach out to other interests. Certainly if you feel your tastes are not catered to, come along to one of the first Shrewsbury Meets and tell us. Who knows who you might stumble upon, or what the future of Shrewsbury Meets might hold.

On the subject, let’s take a look at those venues who are looking forward to having us.

Shrewsbury Coffeehouse

If you’re willing and able to show up from about midday, come join me in the basement of the Shrewsbury Coffeehouse, just around the corner from the train station. A word of advice from management though, it gets a little warm down there.

The coffee is good, the cake is better, and the space is comfortable, but it’s the middle of the day on a Thursday, so I fully understand if you can’t make it down, but not to worry, we’ll be moving on…

Montgomery’s Tower

Post six we’ll be waiting for you in Montgomery’s Tower at the bottom of Claremont Bank, and we have the VIP section to ourselves for the evening. Come on down whenever your free, we’re going nowhere until midnight.

Bristol Meets have a theme to them. As we’re barely getting started here we’ll be keeping it simple for a little while, but that means you can have your say early and put a bigger stamp on the future GeekOut Shrewsbury. Come and tell me what you want to see from the Meets, from us here on the website, and what you feel is missing from our part of the world for geeks.

So bring a board game, bring two, cosplay is not required but encouraged, but come down and chat. March 30th, 12:00-12:00, and the last Thursday each month for the next few months to see how GeekOut Shrewsbury Meets go.

5 thoughts on “GeekOut Shrewsbury Meet – It Begins”

  1. Thought I’d add to this article:

    I started GeekOut Bristol because I wanted to see my local area evolve and become a much more geek-acceptable scene. Fast-forward 3 years and we’ve got a thriving geek community.

    I want to see everyone interacting across the country…

    We’ve got Discord:
    We’ve got Facebook:
    We’ve got Twitter:
    And we’ve got Reddit:

    Some people want us to get an Instagram. Maybe :P

    Joel’s been here through most of it. Though, in his own funky way, he’s been here through all of it. We used to have late-night chats on Steam and he’d hear my crazy plans. How GeekOut all started. Then I asked if he’d write for me and he was like an excitable puppy.

    Now, he’s been with us for so long… Shrewsbury is gonna get geekier because of him, through these events. I’m proud that we’ve worked together for so long :) I can’t wait to the day I pop up to see how well Joel runs the GeekOut Shrewsbury Meet. Mad respect.


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