GeekOut Shrewsbury Meet – It Began

Y’know what? For a first try that wasn’t bad at all. Quite the reverse in fact.

Let 30th March 2017 go down in history as the day we finally got round to bringing GeekOut to Shrewsbury! It sounds like we had a lot of competition for the day, and certainly lots of curiosity if not overwhelming attendance, but who cares about numbers when everyone had a damn good time? It’s worth mentioning that Shrewsbury does not want for board gaming groups, but for the first meeting there’s nothing wrong with falling back on familiar territory.

The party started at noon in the basement of the Shrewsbury Coffeehouse, which was a little warm, extra air-circulation will certainly be brought in as the weather gets warmer, but damn if those brownies aren’t worth it.

A Warm Up – We’re all about trying new things here, so our warm up games were a quick-fire round of introducing people to things they may not have tried before, but simple enough to ease them into it. Love Letter and Tsuro, got everyone in the mood for something a little more… variable.

Fluxx – Pirate Fluxx got the ball rolling, but it was Cthulhu Fluxx that really got interesting. With the promo Creeper card Hastur in play immediately I could choose a word that – if spoken – would force the card to go to the one who spoke it. You may be surprised how often you say the word “but” in conversation, although I might have made the biggest slip up with:

“I was thinking it, but I didn’t say i- oh damn!”

Citadels – The ultra-political game of city building got a little cutthroat in places, and while we may have ended up bringing the game upstairs amidst a mess of assassinations, grand thefts, and cruel accusations the end of the game was fairly even handed all told. All hail King Ben!

Moving on to Montgomery’s Tower from 18:00 onwards, food of greater substance was consumed so that the games could get serious.

Magic: The Gathering – A quick game of two headed giant (2v2) turned into a monster slugfest with two leviathan fields of monsters, giants toppled, hydras slain on both sides, oh god the horror. Perhaps the highlight was the death of Hero’s Bane, cut down with a single stroke with power and toughness reaching fifteen digits each, which actually led to an interesting discussion about the nature of what a “Billion” actually is (it’s a million million, let no one tell you different because they want to be a billionaire, they’re a thousand-millionaire and they can deal with it).

Robo Rally – To say that Robo Rally is carnage is an understatement of the highest proportions. The game was brought with GeekOut in mind, and despite putting ourselves on the easiest board configuration it turned into a three hour windmill of chaos. Death, destruction, accusations of bad shuffling, and robots callously shoved or suicidally hurled clear off the board. Congratulations to James, not only for winning, but for doing so by maliciously pushing Sarah out of the way.

And of course as we brought the evening to a gradual close, plans were made and suggestions taken for the future, even a few whispers of cosplay. Oh yes, we’re not just another board game get together, we’re in this from here to geekdom come! And if you think you’ve missed out then you are happily mistaken, and the sooner we get to meet you the sooner we can find out what you want to get out of GeekOut Shrewsbury.

Next Shrewsbury Meet is April 27th, 12:00-17:30 in the Shrewsbury Coffeehouse, 18:00 to midnight in Montgomery’s Tower. If you’re in, come let us know on Facebook or Meetup.