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It doesn’t matter if you’re ten sizes too small, when your heart is ten sizes too big. Good lord, that’ll give you chest problems. Yes, heroes come in all shapes and sizes and we’re here to celebrate those who reached optimal size. Some of you may call them small, others may call them super tiny, whatever you call them, we’re here to look past all the boring small characters and find the Top 10 Super Tiny Characters. Please, watch where you’re stepping for this one…

Top 10

10) Sackboy – Little Big Planet

Sackboy in his costumed cuteness

Plunge yourself into a world of craft materials, and take control of the most adorable bundle of sackcloth ever to spring to life. From his cardboard rocketship in orbit around the Little Big Planet, Sackboy hurls himself into 2D side-scrolling adventure, surpassing obstacles made of fabric, wood, metal, and fire.

For scale you only need to look at the fibres of little Sackboy’s skin, and the enormous zip over his heart, but if you want specifics then the wiki lists him as eight centimetres tall, making him shorter than most of the toys that represent him! That’s right, Sackboy is shorter than his own Funko Pop vinyl figure, but he’s probably got one of the most proportionally accurate of the whole selection.

9) Dobby – Harry Potter

The most famous among the race of diminutive manservants would be the one to whom we are introduced in the Chamber of Secrets. The enslaved species are devoted to whoever owns them, stripped of all possessions and put to work answering every whim, often servile to evil witches and wizards who don’t recognise the rights of others to freedom, but a life of servitude is in the nature of house-elves, and the free ones are ostracised and hated by their own.

Dobby took to freedom with pride and pleasure, helping and aiding others in embracing a life of their own. He takes a paid job in Hogwarts with full complement of benefits including wages, a day off and the right to call the headmaster a barmy old codger whenever he likes. His used his freedom to fight for that of others, and ultimately he fought to the death. It’s not easy to be a soldier in a war when you’re three foot tall, but more credit to him for it.

8) Olimar – Pikmin

Captain Olimar is the protagonist of Pikmin, although really you might be forgiven for thinking that the Pikmin themselves are the main characters of the game, since it kind of has their name in the title. Olimar is one of the cutest little things ever, having also been the only character in their world to encounter every kind of Pikmin. He’s also in all three of the Pikmin games, although he’s not the main character in the third title.

No matter what you think of the Pikmin series, it’s a hugely influential title and more importantly, Olimar is instantly recognisable. He’s been in Super Smash Bros for quite some time and Pikmin is one of Nintendo’s biggest sellers (as well as one of the most innovative titles). Apparently he comes from a planet called Hocotate, where he has a wife, a son and a daughter. Isn’t that just cute?

7) Tinkerbell – Peter Pan

With a name like Tinkerbell, you’d better believe she’s small. She’s a little glowy fairy who travels around with Peter Pan, granting little blasts of magic whenever it’s needed. From knocking things into the air, to just flying around and confusing Captain James Hook, Tink knows how to distract and be the centre of attention. Also, for a secondary character, she sure does have a lot of spin-off films of her own.

She’s known for being incredibly sassy to her adversaries and her companions alike, which makes her a bit of a wildcard at times. She doesn’t have a lot of love for any other ladies who might give Peter Pan some attention. A lot of people wrongly assume that she’s just an addition by Disney, to sort of help market Peter Pan, but actually, Tinkerbell has always been in the Peter Pan character – Just she used to be referred to as a speck of light. Thankfully, she’s grown into one of the strongest characters in Peter Pan; probably with more fighting spirit than even Hook himself.

6) Marvin the Martian

There may be no other martian more famous than the legendary loony tunes legionaire, the miniature centurion with a tendency for destroying planets, with an army of dehydrated martians in his pocket and faithful robotic hound, he’d be a menace even without his mastery of the dreaded isotope illudium Q-36. What a shame he’s only a couple of feet tall and rather prone to falling victim to comic hijinks.

I mean, if it weren’t for cartoon physics and wacky antics he’d be a really terrifying force to be reckoned with. He has terrifying alien technology, commands his own ship, and his only nemeses are a collection of powerless anthropomorphised animals. He’s sadly prone to being blinded by his anger, but more credit to him for keeping it out of his voice, and letting his disintegrator do the talking.

5) Gentle Rosenberg – Men in Black

Here’s an obscure reference for you, but we don’t talk Men in Black anything like often enough on this site. You remember the tiny little guy piloting a human-shaped android in the very first Men in Black? The only alien in the whole film whose English was so bad he could only speak in obscure hints instead of giving the facts that would make the film about an hour shorter. Also one of the most epic practical effects in film history.

The original guardian of the galaxy, Rosenberg kept a tiny marble-sized powersource on his cat’s collar to keep it hidden and protected from those who would use it to devastated and obliterate, the war-like bugs like the one inhabiting the body of Vincent d’Onofrio who puts poor Rosenburg in the morgue. Not so great a guardian truth be told, probably better to leave the galaxy in the hands of criminals.

4) Teemo – League of Legends

If there was one word that could describe the Swift Scout, it’s annoying. People do not like dying to Teemo, to the point where there’s even a little devil skin for the little devil himself. No he’s not really a devil: He’s a Yordle from Bandle City, one of a few Yordles in League of Legends champions. But even the other Yordles, who admitted he is a charming enough little fellow, who’s generally very happy, has something a bit… Strange about him.

Teemo bugs the hell out of players, with some of the most annoying attacks in the game. Invisible mushrooms which hurt the enemy team? Oh and don’t worry, he moves around rather quick and he poisons enemy champions. Killing him from a safe distance is tricky, but if you can do it, you’ll be alright typically. He’s so, so good at going invisible, gaining invisibility and movement speed, just so he can start ambushing people. He’s the most annoying cute thing you could ever see coming towards you.

3) Manta – Shaman King

Manta is no Shaman, so the fact he hangs around with Yoh and company so much is testament to how much of a friend he is. Granted, he wasn’t so friendly towards Yoh when he first met him, basically thinking the soon to be king of shamans was too carefree and didn’t take his studies seriously enough. Manta, or Morty as he’s known in the English dubs, is a companion and sidekick to Yoh and co. Hah, that rhymes.

So Morty is a very intelligent little guy, who is braver than he might first appear. Even though his life would be in mortal danger staying around the shaman fights so much, he sticks it out to see that his friends make it through. He’s deathly scared of Anna (Yoh’s fiancee), but everyone is. Morty always sticks it out though, going through to help as many of his friends as he possibly can. Even though he’s not skilled to be a Shaman, he at least can provide valuable research.

2) Ant Man – Marvel

Marvel’s Ant-Man..Scott Lang/Ant-Man (Paul Rudd)..Photo Credit: Zade Rosenthal..? Marvel 2014

Let’s quietly ignore the mad science here, the impossibility of shrinking molecules to space smaller than atoms, the black hole that should have been created when Scott Lang shrinks to a certain size, or how a sixty plus year old man has been walking around with a tiny but full-weight tank on his belt loop. Here’s a superhero whose power is being super tiny! And that’s awesome!

His molecules being condensed allows him to deliver a man-sized punch on a minute scale, jump through keyholes, squeeze into the cracks on Stark tech equipment and cause major damage, and control an army of ants with his mind…

That last one may be only somewhat related, but still, if you have tiny powers you might as well also control over ants, they’re powerful little allies capable of some incredible feats of tiny engineering, and amazing team workers, great for small projects and saving the world.

1) Frodo Baggins – Lord of the Rings

Frodo – LotR

Everyone’s favourite little guy, it’s got to be the Hobbitses from Lord of the Rings but more specifically, it’s got to be Frodo Baggins that gets the top spot on our Top 10 for this week. Think about all of the super tiny characters we’ve encountered so far: Some of them are involved in their plots, but only three of the other entrants this week are the main characters of their franchise. We first have Ant Man who cheats, as he switches sizes. We have Olimar from Pikmin, who really isn’t as well developed as Frodo. We also have Sackboy, who is adorable, but once you get past that, he’s really just jumping up and down cute platforms.

Frodo Baggins from The Shire is an unassuming hero, who is going to learn a lot about friendship, leadership and not to put on rings that don’t belong to you. He learns about greed, he learns about war and he learns about famine… Sorta… I mean Gollum does indeed look malnourished. He also learns about pestilence, as in all of those orcs sure are pests in the quest to go and throw the one ring into Mt. Doom. All whilst he’s being watched by an evil eye… Damn it Gandalf, let the man breathe.

Honourable Mentions

Now that we’ve reached the pinnacle of our Top 10 super tiny characters, it’s time for us to reach to new heights and seek out two more pint-sized individuals who we deserve at least gets a shout-out. Of course, we might have to shout louder than usual to ensure that they can actually hear us all the way down there…

Edward Elric – Fullmetal Alchemist

You’ve probably heard us mention this guy a few times here on GeekOut South-West, but yes, Edward Elric is a super tiny chibi man. What do you mean he’s not that small? There’s a bit more behind this one than his actual physical stature – Because there are indeed some super tiny characters in Fullmetal Alchemist. Such as when Envy was in it’s leech form, when it was revealed to really just be jealous of humans, the one thing that Envy was better than.

Still, Edward is known for getting pretty angry when he’s called short. Even when his height is merely implied, it bugs him. Heck, he once was crawling through an air vent and mentioned “I’m glad I’m small enough to be able to squeeze through here” before realising he called himself “a puny little pipsqueak”. Hang in there Fullmetal, we know how you feel about drinking milk.

Agrajag – Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

If the name sounds unfamiliar you wouldn’t be alone, I had to go hunting myself for the name, but if you’re looking for a reason for the bowl of petunias thinking the words “Oh no, not again” you wouldn’t be alone. You see, the bowl of petunias plummeting towards Magrathea has died repeatedly at the hands of Arthur Dent, and under many guises. Some might be called average sized and people shaped, but most, not so much.

During his time in prehistoric earth Arthur kills an ancient rabbit and makes a pouch of the fur, Agrajag. There’s also an instance of Arthur swatting flies, no small feat but he manages to kill one or two, of which one is Agrajag.

Though I can’t locate a source there’s also a theory that Agrajag was party to the Vl’Hurg-G’gugvuntt war, centuries of conflict caused by the words “I seem to be having tremendous difficulty with my lifestyle” drifted from Arthur Dent, through a wormhole and between the two species, a terrible insult. Both sides came to learn the truth, waged war upon Earth, and due to a terrible miscalculation were swallowed one and all by a small dog.

It’s funny, even if it wasn’t Agrajag.

We’re going to have to cut this short before one of us stoops so low as to make mockery of these fine upstanding folk with bad puns. Before we wrap this up, please don’t overlook this opportunity to vote for next week’s towering Top 10.

At GeekOut South-West we like to set high standards, but did we reach them? Could we set the bar any higher? If you thought our picks were any less than top shelf then let us know in the comments down below, or on our Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.


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