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GeekOut Bristol Meet – May 12th: PRATCHETT’S PROSE Gallery

Another month has passed, which means another GeekOut Bristol Meet gallery has come around. As always, we’ll talk about what happened at the event, as well as the usual of when we’ll be hosting our next event and of course, the core part of this article, the gallery in question. It was a great turn out, even though we weren’t sure what it’d be like considering the theme of the event. Nevertheless, this is this months GeekOut Bristol Meet Gallery.

As always, we went to the Old Market Tavern from around 2pm, where we had come from our pre-meet event in Bella Italia which won by popular vote. We had 9 people in total for the pre-meet, which isn’t bad for a Friday event really, as people are normally at work! Needless to say then, the turnout for the main event was much larger, which ended up being a massive 63 people through the course of the day. Many thanks to everyone who showed up, honestly, it means a lot. There was a great flow of people throughout the day, with people coming and going, allowing it to be a much more open event.

Hello everyone at Old Market Tavern!

The competition for this months event was to find some secret clues I hid around the place, then to come back to me with the numbers on the clues, the letters in a secret word and to tell me the meaning of the secret word. The numbers were all Discworld related, most of them were a variant of 8, such as 2 cubed. The word that was spelled out was Klatchian which is the language of Klatch, again a Discworld related word. To help those who were new to Discworld, Google searches were allowed, as otherwise it might not have been the easiest thing to do! Either way, it took about 40 minutes from start to finish for all three winning teams to get back to me. Good job everyone!

Now of course, GeekOut is all about the fun and games… And so here’s a video of some of our GeekOut attendees enjoying a game of Haba Rhino Hero which was brought along by one of our members. The video isn’t listed on our channel, so this is the only article you can see it.

WARNING: Loud as it’s an unedited video!

And now it’s time for us to show you our monthly gallery:


And that’s about it – As always we’ll be here again next month. Our next event will be Sci-Fi themed and is taking place on Saturday 10th June. If you’re around Bristol on this day, why not join us for a day of fun and games, lots of and lots of board and video games and friends. As always, let us know what you think of our events and if you have suggestions on how I can make the events themselves better, please just let me know. Alternatively, if you just like these articles, I love your responses! Finally, the gallery will appear on both Facebook and Meetup on Wednesday. Thanks all – Leave your comments below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.


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