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GeekOut South-West: What’s In Our Future?

We’ve certainly started to reach the end of life for our humble little website, but no matter what, we’re going to keep on growing and getting more and more people to join the cause. In case you’re wondering what happened to plans such as the new website, this article addresses those developments and hopefully provides answers for the future of our community. We’re going to keep on growing, is the jist of it, but if you’re a fan of what we do and were curious as to what we’re up to, let us tell you!

We’ve just had GeekOut Bristol Meet May come and go, meaning that it’s going to be another month before we get together for a great meetup, but that doesn’t mean that our community spirit is disappearing! No way, we’re loving every minute of our conversations, learning, sharing and overall being more inclusive of one another. We’re the largest meet of our kind in Bristol, with free competitions and much more. Along with that, our very own Joel has been busy running the newly formed GeekOut Shrewsbury Meets, which should give an indication as to what our goals are. We’re expanding and we don’t want to stop with just us two.

Our recently redesigned logo for the new website

Looking to the future, the obvious question is: Where’s the new website? I said it was being developed, but it’s still not here. Truth is, it is being developed still, but it’s taken a lot longer than anticipated. That is entirely my fault, I will fess up with no regrets there. However, I have learned a lot from this experience – About WordPress, about dreadful documentation, about php in general and much, much more. I have improved my programming techniques, thus now I am getting us ever closer to that new site. We freely admit that, as a result of the halting development of the new site, we got a bit complacent. We still provided a daily article and interacted with you all, but something wasn’t as exciting. That changes now.

I am creating brand new widgets and doohickeys for the new website, with a goal to make it something we can truly call our own. We want you all to get a unique experience on the new website and we want you all interacting in ways that seemed like a distant future; an unbelievable one. We want you all chatting about your favourite conventions, we want you chatting about your meetups too, GeekOut or otherwise. We want to work with small businesses that are geek relevant and not plague you with ads about lingerie or where to get £10 extra on your £5 bet. We have an ‘intelligent’ system, of taking the tech we’ve become so accustomed to and saying “actually, we don’t want such irrelevant ads!”

GeekOut Top 10s

We’re starting work on our Top 10 eBook… More details coming soon.

Of course, we have more plans for GeekOut. We’re starting discussions about an eBook of our Top 10s, entirely free of charge for GeekOut fans. We’ll have a download link on the website, as well as on the new website, but if you’d like to donate, that’d be mighty kind of you! We’re going to add 10 EXCLUSIVE Top 10s and we will have 2 further Honourable Mention Top 10s, which will be chosen by, of course, a poll. Sounds delightful, doesn’t it? We’ll be working on obtaining images, improving the writing and making this a visual feast for the eyes. We’re uncertain if we’ll get this eBook in print format, but we’ll consider it!

So the truth of the matter is that there’s so much for us to do still. We were aware that some of our rather ambitious projects would need to take a back seat, but ultimately we’re not stopping. To those of you who attend GeekOut Bristol Meet, don’t you worry – Those continue to get bigger and better with every passing event. We’re a community first and foremost; this is something special that I do not want all of us to lose out on.

There are levels to be earned on the new website!


As always though, we couldn’t be as good as we are without each and every one of you. Hopefully the current tech series of “What A Non-Programmer Should Know” is enlightening and entertaining, but ultimately we’re always up for suggestions and guest articles! If you have a fandom that doesn’t get nearly enough attention, why not share it with us? As always, share your thoughts below or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.


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