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Old School Runescape

The name Runescape is synonymous with early 00’s gaming; with a really large number of gamers from all over the world, with many servers. Created by Jagex, a company formed in Cambridge, here in the United Kingdom, this MMO was an experience that encapsulated many gamers. It was an MMO before World of Warcraft was around, it also ran in a browser, as it was programmed in Java. These days, RuneScape has been officially recognised as the worlds largest free MMORPG made, with over 200 million accounts. As well as this, it holds the title for the most updated game ever – So with all of this said, I recently decided to play some ‘Old School Runescape’, so I could get a taste of my past. What I got… Wasn’t what I expected.

When I heard that they had an Old School Runescape client, I was expecting the original Runescape, which was pretty much 2D on a 3D world. What I got was a fully realised 3D world. It isn’t the prettiest game made, but considering this update happened such a long time ago (2007?) it’s not really considered a “new” feature. In fact, this Old School Runescape is a fully downloadable client for a Java game, which was effectively the second version of Runescape. The original seems to not be around, but that’s why I wasn’t expecting what I got. I wanted the old 2D graphics – And with no settings to go that far back, this wasn’t the Runescape I remember. Nevermind though, I wanted to press on and I got some rather funny moments.

A random event – Quiz!

So I had to remember how Runescape worked in general – and because I wasn’t willing to pay for a membership for something I wanted to just pass some time on, I started to play on a free server. Interestingly, you don’t need to restart if you become a member later on, which costs £5.99. There are so many servers to choose from and all of them have seemingly different purposes. Gold star servers mean members only, whereas Silver star servers are for free players. Some of the servers are for PvP, some of them are for ‘Wilderness PvP’ only. Some don’t even allow PvP at all, but are rather focused on letting players help one another out. Either way, select yourself a server, your character can go on any server at any time.

In game then, we’re focused on getting our stats up. A lot of people complain that Runescape is very grind heavy, which is true – There’s a lot of grinding to be done in the game. I’ve not been playing this for long, but I’ve cut down so many trees and I’ve made so many campfires… I should probably focus on more important skills now. Because I’m not a subscriber, I don’t get access to some skills, such as being a hunter, or doing fletching. So I decided to focus my character on combat skills, rather than anything like making arrows, or even magics. I will likely take up a bit of magic, as the system is pretty unique. Instead of mana, you have runes, which are expended on use. Different runes are required for different spells and typically you need at least two runes. There’s a skill for you to make these runes, of course.


During my time, I have done some really rather silly quests. I’ve managed to get the ingredients to make a cake for a duke; I’ve also been working on getting beads off of imps for a wizard who had lost his beads. The quest system is a little strange and clunky, plus the game doesn’t give you real indicators on the mini-map, which is tiny. This isn’t a problem, as it just adds to the complexity of finding the quest targets. The mini-map isn’t great, but it’s servicable. In fact, most of the things I have to say about the game is that it isn’t great, but there’s something oddly compelling about it, even in 2017. It’s not the best game out there and it’d never try to claim otherwise. It’s very light-weight, so you should be able to run it on just about any toaster out there – so if you’re looking for something to kill some time, this might be the game for you. Meanwhile, enjoy a mini-gallery of daft cropped images from the game.


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