GeekOut Shrewsbury Meet – May ’17

May comes and May goes, but every month something new for GeekOut Shrewsbury. More new faces, more new games, more new plans for our glorious and shining future! And as we continue to grow you continue to grow with us, making the Shrewsbury Meets yours. Remember we’re always looking for ways to improve and make these events better for everyone, so we want your input on what you want, on what you geek out about, because we’re not just out to play board games all evening.

Not that that’s a bad plan, but it damn near killed some of us this month.

The Coffeehouse – “The”

The usually over-cooked basement at the Shrewsbury Coffeehouse was actually a pleasant relief on a day where the outside was a pressure cooker. We had a comfortable afternoon with a few warm-up games… which may not be an appropriate idiom now I come to think of it.

After breakfast (a brownie and orange juice, totally balanced, right?) Murray and I got a head start on games. A few rounds of Dungeon Roll as people filtered into the basement, a great little game of pushing your luck through an increasingly dangerous dungeon of dice. A game of exchanging tall tales in Braggart, which I lost by a single infuriating point, followed by Boss Monster, the eight-bit side scrolling card game. With five of us in that basement we broke into Cthulhu Fluxx, and another appearance by Hastur left us unable to say “the” which is difficult no matter how hard you try.

Monty’s Tower – Spies and Saboteurs

One decent burger later and with more and more people showing up every few minutes games resumed with Resistance, because what better way to meet new people than with lies, deceit, and treachery? One of the more interesting moments of the game came during a game with three spies, including myself and one of my regular D&D group Johnny, in which we both incriminated ourselves but dragged Murray down with us, allowing our partner in crime to build trust. Well done Ben, you played it beautifully.

The group got bigger and bigger, we broke off into smaller gaming groups before all coming together at the end of the night for one huge game of Zombie Dice! Well done John for taking out all of the competition. And on the subject of competition…

Next Month

June 29th is the last of the “trail run” Shrewsbury Meets, come July we get serious. In June we’ll be right back at the Coffeehouse and Monty’s Tower. In the evening we’ll be having a big geeky pub quiz, a pub quiz filled with stuff you might actually know! Games, comics, films, television, literature, tech, and a little general knowledge to balance the scales, and at the end of it all an actual prize*! You’ll work in pairs to answer questions across a variety of geeky subjects to win.

Of course your take away in June will not exceed my winnings from this month, I had to fight hard to protect it:

*Prize TBD, prize does not guarantee protection from gorilla attacks.

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