Top 10 Flamboyantly Ominous Characters

Dressed to impress with looks and a look that could kill, this weeks Top 10 was a tie. As such, welcome to… The Top 10 Flamboyantly Ominous Characters. We tried to make the middle ground as best as we could for all of you!

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Last week, our vote was a tie. Usually what we do in these situations, is roll a die for odds/evens and whoever calls it gets the one they choose. This time, Timlah said to Joel: “I think we can do this”. Lo and behold, we managed it. We combined the tied votes to create a brand new Top 10 that you all voted for. Perhaps the will of the people wasn’t to do this, but the votes sent us this way.

Flamboyant characters can be hard to judge: they’re often more than just a bit player in their franchise. Often they’re scary, in fact, they’re usually a little bit ominous. They stand out in a realm of “the norm”, they dress fancy, they talk differently and their minds are wired in a very unique way. They’re dangerous but fabulous, they’re ominous, they’re flamboyant… they’re in our Top 10 Flamboyantly Ominous Characters list!

Top 10

10) James – Pokemon

“To extend our reach to the stars above!”

One of Team Rocket’s most incompetent grunts, and yet there’s no denying that his arrival on the seen is a portent of trouble, at least a half measure of it. James comes equipped with a variety of Rocket tech, and has over time owned a toxic Koffing, a mighty Garydos, a carnivorous Victreebel, and the keeper of balance in the universe between life and death!

Working for an evil criminal organisation, the vast majority of James’ activities are inherently and overtly criminal. His signature rose gives him that “hitman” vibe, and his talent for disguise gives him the chance to take on enormous characters and even cross genders on a whim. As a former millionaire with a checkered past, it’s little wonder a life of theatrical crime was in his future, he’s literally a Batman villain waiting to happen.

9) Loki – Marvel

Couldn’t keep this norse god off the list. The Jotunn godling only desires a kingdom to rule, be it over man or god, and he’ll gladly make allegiances with whatever dark forces will give him some shred of power, only to betray them at the last of course. And as any true leader of kingdoms should have, Loki has a crown, one with a pair of huge, curly, over-compensatory horns sprouting from it.

The trickster is brother to Thor, adopted son of Odin, and has always lived overshadowed and hopeless life of opulence, luxury and adventure. Wow! How sad for him! So with his immense magical power he has set about conquering and subjugating every other plane of Yggdrasil. Disguises, glamours and illusions abound, but he also has a way with words that make him a more dangerous foe than any other in the Marvel Universe.

8) Cicero – Skyrim

It all starts with a brief encounter with an overly cheerful jester transporting the coffin of his “mother” begging aid. Once sent on his way you’re left feeling as though you’ve missed something far more terrible than what actually took place. That’d be because the clown you just helped is a member of the Dark Brotherhood, and keeper of one of their gods, the Night Mother.

Remember that if someone wishes to summon an assassin from the Brotherhood they must commit the black sacrament as a prayer to the Night Mother. Here is her ostentatiously dressed messenger, one of the highest ranking members of the order, a madman and murderer who spends his life administering to a corpse. He talks incessantly to her too, so not even death can spare you his inane chatter.

7) Ursula – The Little Mermaid

A sea-witch who was determined to take over King Triton as the ruler of Atlantica, Ursula is synonymous with over-expression. She’s not ashamed of trying to get her own way and in fact, doesn’t really care if she has to lead someone astray in the process. The strange thing with a villain like this, is they wouldn’t normally be so forward about the consequences of following their advice. Ursula gets around this with humour, wisdom and ultimately a sense of motherhood. She’s a sharp talker, to the point you think she’s genuinely interested in you… but something always feels amiss with her.

One of Disney’s often cited strongest villains, she’s also one of the most flamboyant and ominous simultaneously. With the body of an octopus, with only six tentacles mind, Ursula is a cunning, evil character who uses charm, wit and ultimately bargaining to get her way. She’s so animated with her expressions, that she’s a real loud character. Couple this with her choice of words, able to create fantastic imagery with her gift of the gab, she’s certainly always going to get her way… well, unless people see through her schemes.

6) Piedmon – Digimon

Context is king, so please understand that we don’t think all jesters are flamboyant. However, we do think that given the context of Digimon, Piedmon certainly fits the bill of flamboyant ominous. He’s calculated, he’s evil and he’s really rather different to the rest of the bad guys in the franchise, at least up until this point. He’s so different, it was hard to believe he was a Digimon, with the way he spoke so eloquently, always with a smile. You’d think he enjoys the evil he causes.

Well, that’s because he does. Brilliantly British in accent, with a sharp wit, Piedmon is a monster who can talk about his plans with such sadistic glee. The leader of the Dark Masters, Piedmon doesn’t engage his foes; they must find him. And just where exactly does an evil jester live? Well of course, an funhouse that’s also an observatory. Theatrical, colourful and forever scheming, you do not want to mess with this Digimon, or he might find your demise somewhat amusing.

5) Kuja – Final Fantasy IX

Little more needs to be said about Kuja, than look at the guy and tell me you don’t feel somewhat afraid of those fabulous hips? Thats right, you probably don’t at first glance. However do not let his looks deceive you; He’s dangerous in many ways, is considered the true final boss of the game and is really what the whole game works towards beating. From his first appearance to his last, his attire doesn’t really let you in on the immense threat Kuja poses to Zidane and his party.

He starts the game as a weapons dealer, dangerous in his opening to the game. He was looking to cause Queen Brahne to launch full scale war on Burmecia and Lindblum. He is successful, allowing him to go to fight, conquer and ultimately kill many, including Brahne. A master manipulator, Kuja is downright terrifying in his evil. Fear him, for he will cause you to descend to madness, before outright killing you. All whilst talking about life as if it were a play, right until his final chapter.

Before you all ask why Kuja from all of the Final Fantasy titles, the second closest we had was Kefka, who is less ominous, more psychotic.

4) The Riddler- Batman

Riddle me this, riddle me that, who’s afraid of Jim Carrey?! Okay, a sore subject to some people, but I personally loved the rendition that Jim did, even if it was more zany than ominous. The Riddler is Batman’s most puzzling foe, as well as part of the Rogues Gallery. He creates riddles and isn’t afraid of causing a little carnage. Weirdly, he can be somewhat honourable, but he doesn’t really like it if you answer his riddles correctly. I mean he puts so much effort in!

Donning an all green outfit with question marks littering the fabric, The Riddlers design is iconic within Batman. He seems somewhat insane, but you genuinely get that hint of genius from him. He’s the most flamboyant of all of Batman’s villains, just downright open to being himself, showing the world that he’s there to stay. Plus, he walks around with that really cool, but ultimately deadly cane.

3) Magic Man – Adventure Time

The Magic Man is a nightmare in a tatty robe. The guy appears in a blaze of confetti to delight and astound with his magic tricks, like turning birds inside out, transforming people into feet, capturing manticores and shrinking them. He has a bag of tiny facsimiles of real people that can be toyed with like a god… oh and on the subject, turns out he’s the brother of the fourfold entity Grob, Gob, Glob and Grod, a divine being from mars.

He is a bringer of strange and terrible plagues, teacher of messed up lessons, a creature of apocalyptic power who constructed a planetary defence system in the shape of his dead wife. And throughout all of these horrors that he brings to the land of Ooo and Mars above it, he’s a singing and laughing clown seemingly out to prove some cosmic joke of which he is the best teller.

2) Him – PowerPuff Girls

It’s Satan, it’s literally Satan! Him is the PowerPuff Girls most powerful foe, though with a name like that, you bet’cha that sentence structure will go out of the window! Him is a red devil with claw like crabs, wearing some frilly clothing. His voice is shrill and loud, echoey and strange. He’s got the vibes that Frank N.Furter from last week has, but unlike Frank, Him is a lot more calculated in his attacks. This is where his ominous nature steps in.

Call me crazy, but if you heard a loud, echoed voice telling you how much he loved to see you, only so he could beat you to a pulp, you’d be pretty freaked out. It’s a design choice that baffled no-one, Him is literally evil incarnated, so why not make him memorable in every way possible? Now excuse me, I am gonna hang out with the much more stable Mojo Jojo.

1) Jareth – Labyrinth

Name anyone who would fit both ominous and flamboyant categories better, we openly dare and encourage you! No seriously, we love for people to tell us something new, if you can out-do us here that’d be astounding.

Because David Bowie brought the full feeling of a terrible and strange fey-lord to the character of Goblin King, a vision in tight leather and eyeshadow dwelling at the centre of a deadly maze filled with traps, monsters, challenges and other lost and tormented souls who had failed their own challenges or had been swept up into his mad universe. If you’re fool enough to invite him into your life you get what you deserve.

Throughout the labyrinth he stalks and torments Sarah, inviting her into Faustian bargains, persuading her to turn back, and reminding her that he’d only given her what she’d asked for. He’s vain, capricious, and likes kidnapping infants and tormenting children, and he does it all with a song and a dance.

Honourable Mentions

Being ominous is a lot of work, especially when you have a persona to maintain. To make yourself look good, whilst making your foes look bad? Now that’s a real skill that many in life would admire, or at least fear. But don’t fret, our Top 10’s don’t end until we’ve listed some honourable mentions. Now, I believe we mentioned about characters looking good whilst their foes are looking bad…

Ric Flair – WWE

Source: WWE Biography


You know it’s come to our attention that these lists could probably have a wrestling character in every week? We won’t, as that’ll get stale, but the premise behind pro wrestling is so absurd, with just enough of a hint of internet culture, ahem The New Day, that they fit these lists. So for an overly flamboyant bad guy, who can one moment go from just showing off, to an actual psycho in the ring, it has to be the legendary wrestler, Ric Flair.

With the number of titles this man has held, he is arguably one of the most popular wrestlers to have ever lived. In a time where big men ruled, Flair was a character unlike any other. The Nature Boy himself, Ric, was a truly wonderful spectacle. Don’t fret, he wasn’t always a baddie, he often came back as one of the most endearing old men in professional wrestling. One of the incredible four horsemen, Ric has cemented his place in history, through being the dirtiest player in the game. Now give me a WOOOOOOO!

Jinx – League of Legends

Turn DC’s Harley Quinn up to eleven, maybe twelve, and you have Jinx. One of the better known poster-children of MOBA League of Legends is a skinny little anarchist with an insane arsenal of guns and explosives and a desperate need to kill everything and anything in her way. Armoured in nothing more than a collection of belts, she’s more of a run and gun kind of lunatic, swinging a rocket launcher like it’s no big deal, getting overly excited whenever she kills someone.

If you’re looking for an avatar for the idiom “loose cannon” you have it. A blue and pink streak of explosive, murderous energy on the run from the law. She sadly can’t make the list because she’s less ominous than she is outright dangerous, but dammit if that giggle isn’t terrifying.

We’ve seen the most uniquely dangerous minds in this list, all giving off that vibe that they may be about to do something deadly. So if these lavishly creative characters got you thinking about what could possibly top this list, then why not steer the tides in your favour? Let us know which Top 10 is next on your list:

Just because these individuals dress to impress, doesn’t mean they’re soft. In fact, these are some of the most dangerous minds! But we’re always open to what you have to say about our articles, so let us know: Did this list meet your expectations? How did you find some of the surprise entries? How did Bowie making the Top Spot make you feel? Let us know of any other flamboyantly ominous characters in all of media and we’ll respond, be it in the comments below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.

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    1. Somehow, I didn’t respond to this… Though I swear I had! Anyway, as everyone should: Flair is one of those people that, even non-wrestling fans, would just gravitate towards. He was so flamboyant, yet so, SO evil at times. The dirtiest player in the game indeed: WOOOOO!

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  1. Great list :)
    As much as it divides opinion as a game, Ghirahim from Skyward Sword fits the bill brilliantly. Going from playing with Link and dancing around Zelda to dropping all pretence of taunting and just killing you.
    Fawful from the Mario & Luigi RPGs would also count, though I’m not sure how ominous he is :c

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    1. Two choices I am unsure of! I have played neither of them, so you’ll have to let me know: Do you think either could push James off the list, or replace a position? :) In the meantime, I guess I will get looking these up! :D


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