UKGE 2017: The Best Bits (Part 1)

This is our third straight day of coverage on UK Games Expo, I opened by talking about the entertainment, Chris discussed some of his favourite games, and we’re still a long way from done talking about it. We had a fun weekend. The greater part of my weekend was ambling around taking as much in as possible, not wanting to sit for too long for fear that I might not have time to see it all. Here are my impressions of the best bits:

Boards and Displays

It’s a fairly obvious but absolutely tremendous component of an expo like this, after all it’s a space for designers and publishers to sell their games as hard as they possibly can. The main hall is therefor filled wall to wall with games shown at their very best with attention grabbing graphics, props, and displays. Not much more to be said, but lots to show…


So help me I like furniture! And oh wow were there some pretty gaming furnishings on offer. It has always been a goal to obtain a table with a recessed gaming surface, but I was not expecting a suite in the shape of a longboat! That just seems unfair. Most of these glorious pieces are Geeknson with some images of R&P Dice furniture included.


There are already a lot of pictures in this Best Of, I’ll save the rest for next week, but I just want to build on my enormous respect for the exhibitors who worked exhaustively through the weekend to get everyone engaged in their products, especially to Syrinscape who easily sold me on the idea of climbing into a soundproof booth to add my voice to the Shoggoth Choir. Here’s to you guys!

Back next week with part 2…

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