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Mobile Game Review: AdVenture Capitalist

Clicker games kicked off when an innoculous little game called Cookie Clicker hit the internet, to which we all had a good laugh. There were earlier clicker games, the technical genre name called incremental, but most people will cite Cookie Clicker as the first. But since then, the genre has gotten a lot more variety. One of the most popular and well-rounded clicker game is AdVenture Capitalist, which was created on the Browser Game website, Kongregate. It’s been on mobile as well as Steam for a while now, so what can this clicker game offer for us and is it actually any good?


Developer Hyper Hippo Games
Platforms Android, iOS, Steam (Windows, OS X, Linux), Browser (Flash)
Release March 2015
Genre Clicker (Incremental)
£Free (with in-app purchases)



As there’s no story in AdVenture Capitalist, we won’t be talking about that. Instead, it means we can jump right into the gameplay. Even that is a little bit minimalistic, however at least it’s simple enough to understand. In AdVenture Capitalist, your goal is to try to accumulate all of the money. That’s right: all of it – But the way to earn money is to spend money. So in this game, you will be buying businesses, starting with lemonade stalls and going up to oil rigs. The extremes are quite apparant as you play through the game, but you’ll learn that even having a humongous sum of lemonade will help you later in the game.

As you buy more businesses, your profits will rise automatically, allowing you to spend the money on either more businesses or upgrades. The upgrades work exactly as you might expect them to: you pay a lump sum up front and in return, you’ll gain a profit bonus permanently. For instance, early in the game, you can spend $1,000 to get a Lemonade Stall profit upgrade, tripling the current profits. The upgrades, early in the game, make a massive difference and later end up becoming just part of how you get up to that next tier of stinking wealth. If only buying small businesses and just slapping some money on them really did work for real…

Still nevertheless, you also have Angel Investors to think about. These angels provide you with a way to reset the game as it were, allowing you to reach new, unfathomable heights. You eventually can sacrifice them all to permanently increase your profits by 2% for each angel you sacrifice. This can be increased further via upgrades – And the highest I’ve seen them offer is 20% as of the time of writing. Timing is everything with this game, as you don’t want to race to sacrificing your angels too early, as you’ll be spending a long time getting to the position you were previously in. Fortunately, the game is pretty intuitive in that it knows when you should be activating the sacrifice trigger, so you can maximise those profits.

As well as this, you can spend a lot of money on managers, who auto-click for you – and you can also spend a lot of money on going to the moon and other planets.


Of course in a clicker game, you can’t talk too much about the graphics. Ultimately, you only get to click a button and things happen – That’s the point of it. However; the menus, the art direction of the game and the overall style is really quite pleasing for a quick and simple mobile game. Once you’ve seen one picture of this game however, you’ve kind of seen them all. Here’s our gallery of just a few images:


The music in AdVenture Capitalist, although pretty standard affair, is actually really nice to listen to. It’s like listening to a 1960’s shopping department, or an advert. This is a damn good thing too, as the whole premise of the game is to buy as much stuff as possible, whilst letting it generate you money. Since the game is entirely themed around capitalism, this is a pretty neat choice of music. Sadly, because it’s the only track on the game, it’s the only thing you’ll be listening to, except for the ear piercing shrieking noise of the cash register going ‘kaching’! As well as this, there’s a noise akin to sacrificing something to the gods when you sacrifice your angel investors to gain more profits. However, it’s worth pointing out that on different planets, the music does actually change, so it’s not as bad as you think and it doesn’t really take all that long to go to another world, especially for a casual game.


I really enjoy AdVenture Capitalist, a game that I’ve gone back to when I’m bored on the train to and from my day job. It’s fair to say that it’s not a game that grips you in any meaningful way, but it’s a game that manages to get you going back, even if a lot of the game is just waiting around. It’s fun seeing the numbers fly up, but the smaller elements, such as buying upgrades, sacrificing your angel investors for more profits and then starting the game from scratch, whilst sounds dull, is actually really good fun. I’d recommend this if you’re looking to pass time, but damn, there’s nothing in there to really get you going as it were. But, other than that, what do you think of AdVenture Capitalist? Is a clicker game the type of thing you’d play to pass the time, or does the lack of depth bother you? As always, share your opinions below or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.


One response

  1. Chris Scott

    I’ve never really gotten to deep in to the clicker genre. It does seem like a perfectly quick time waster but I have Quiz Up for that.

    Liked by 1 person

    June 10, 2017 at 2:55 pm

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