JapanCrate: Tasting Japan In A Box

The internet truly is a wonderous place, where you learn about all sorts of interesting services. You can learn about how to cook delicious foods, or stirring up a wonderful drink. But what’s that ad I see in the corner of my eye? JapanCrate? That sounds pretty delicious!

The internet truly is a wonderous place, where you learn about all sorts of interesting services. You can learn about how to cook delicious foods, or stirring up a wonderful drink. But what’s that ad I see in the corner of my eye? JapanCrate? That sounds pretty delicious!


Initial Reaction

After I saw the ad, I knew in my heart that I had no choice but to buy me a JapanCrate to taste whatever Japanese delicacies were provided – And as a spoiler, I’ll gladly let you know that I was very pleasantly surprised. Instead of doing an unboxing video, this is an unboxing article… Of sorts! We returned home from GeekOut Bristol Meet Sunday morning, when we found the box was waiting for us on the side; so like excitable kiddies, we grabbed the massive box which has come all the way from Japan and took it into our room to have a look. It was an excitingly large box with a pleasant weight to it. It looked good and we were already pretty chuffed by it.

Look at how packed it is!

Although there was a pleasant weight behind it, I was skeptical by the box, thinking it would be just about full with a lot of packaging. Well, I can inform you that there was a little bit of packaging, but it wasn’t much. This might sound bad, but the box was so well packed, that nothing was broken when it arrived. In fact, you remember how I mentioned how big the box was? The massive box was completely filled to the brim! It felt padded out originally, but it was only padded by delicious goodies. To make this better, I went for the premium box, which was the most expensive box available to buy – and it’s worth every penny. At $30 (Current GBP Value: £23.55), there was so much within the box that I felt like I was getting a great offer. It’s worth noting that it’s easy to point out that in Japan, the individual products would indeed be worth less than the cost of the box, but it’s also fair to point out that imports of these goodies would be pretty expensive in general. So it’s fair to say they’ll make a profit, but I felt happy paying as much as I did for the sheer volume of goodies.

I could pour over in all detail about every little thing that we got our hands on, but the problem with that is then we’ll be here for a very long article indeed. The sheer volume of things we got to eat was simply staggering (We didn’t eat it all in one day, promise!) I’ll quickly talk about a few of my favourites, but before then let’s talk about the amount of attention put into these crates. Along with the food, there was a booklet, explaining what food has been included in the box. As well as this, the booklet talks about some common Japanese foods and even gave us some common Japanese phrases. As well as this, it goes on to explain that everyone who buys a JapanCrate is added into a draw for a SugoiCrate, which has some really cool goodies, such as a NES Classic console, which is pretty hard to get a hold of these days! They can afford to do this, as they only give away one crate and if everyone pays a minimum of $12, you can imagine how much they’ll be earning. Couple this with the free postage and packaging, the savings really are passed on to the consumer.

Pudding and Jelly drink – Yum!

Let’s talk about some of our personal favourite snacks and sweets that were inside of the box. First of all, a humongous shoutout to the rice crackers. These were absolutely delicious – I’ve had rice crackers before and they were exactly as I remembered. They have a strong taste, a crunchy, almost flakey texture which you can get a real loud snap sound out of. They come in packets of 2, which came in a much larger packet. Honestly, the amount of times we found ourselves just wandering over to the box just to get another lot of rice crackers is truly quite something. I enjoy food, but that was exceptionally yummy.

As well as that, there was a pudding drink, which contained jelly. At first, I was so uncertain what to think but when we cracked the can open, there was no fizziness to it. It was almost like a milkshake with jelly pieces inside of it and the flavour of pudding. This was literally like drinking a Japanese pudding, which was pretty excellent. The use by date was pretty impressive as well! There was a lot of jelly bits inside, which gave the drink a strange texture, but it didn’t make it hard to drink, as you can imagine. It had a very sweet smelling aroma which impressed us from start to finish. It was incredibly refreashing and left your month with a cleansed pallet.

These chewy sweets were so strong!

As well as these, we really enjoyed so many of the different foods within – There were some highly tasty disolving sweets which left an incredibly powerful, sharp citrus taste in your mouth. There were honeycomb pockey sticks, which started off okay, but became morish after a few moments. There was a small sweet which tasted like the small round strawberries and cream sweets you can get in a pick ‘n mix. All in all, the variety was incredible and we really have nothing but good things to say. All of the food and drink had a respectable use by date on them and the descriptions of each food is laid out in the little booklet. Here’s a gallery of us with this massive box – and honestly, some of the goodies were a real treat to behold.


It was 1am, I should have been going to bed… but I wanted my pudding!

This box was absolutely delicious and I’m happy to say I will be subscribed for a while longer; perhaps we’ll start doing a monthly review of these boxes? I really have nothing bad to say about the box I received this month. As I mentioned before, I think the value of the box was well placed, even at the expensive $30 mark. I tasted every product before this review went up, to really get an understanding of what I was given. Knowing just how diverse the goodies in Japan are makes me excited, as I know we’ll receive more weird and wonderful flavours of Japan in the near future. But, what do you think of JapanCrate? Do you think you’d enjoy this box of delicious food and drink? What do you think of the price for all of the items I received? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.

Want to join up to JapanCrate? Why not click on this link and see if there’s a crate for you?

Oh yeah, international shipping is free!

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