Family Plot – Card game review

It was back in October last year that Catharsisjelly first supported Family Plot, and he was anticipating its arrival. Now he’s back to review this Kickstarter backed card game – What did he make of it?

It was back in October last year that I first supported Family Plot, and I was anticipating its arrival. I have had my final copy for a few months now and thought it was about time that I finally reviewed it.


  • Players: 2-6
  • Age: 10+
  • Approx play time: 30-45 mins
  • Cost: $25 USD
  • Buy a copy


One thing that needs to be said straight away about Family plot is the design of the box is beautiful. The artwork on it is vibrant and the box has one of those magnetic lips to help it stay shut during travel. The quality of design does not stop there, inside the box is a simple but really well-designed instruction booklet. The 145 cards that you get are of an amazingly high quality and each of them has a unique design. The design of the cards range between humour and disgust but all are superbly drawn. White Cherry Games have really gone all out with this self-published release, it certainly feels like that they spent their kickstarted money wisely.


The great news about this game is that the instruction booklet is tiny because the concept is really easy. Each player aims to build the perfect family while looking for ways to keep the other players from doing the same by killing them off. A family is made up of seven members that can be any number of Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, Sisters, Babies and even Pets. To start the game you deal each player a family card which they keep secret, then deal each player five cards from the main deck. Play starts with the person that has most recently had contact with their mother then play goes as follows.

Family time

The player can play any family member and modifier that is on their family card. You are not allowed to play family members that are not in your family tree unless you have a modifier card that will change them into what you need. For instance, I might play a Brother with a sex change card to turn him into a Sister. There are some limitations here in that you could not play a sex change modifier on a Pet, that is unless you turn them into a human with a Werewolf modifier. There are a huge amount of possibilities to be had here but beware that any family member that is killed or stolen then all of the modifiers go with them.

Action Time

Action time is optional if you have an action card in your hand that you want to play then this is the time to do it. You must only play one action card per turn unless you have a card that allows you to do more than that. Actions can be cancelled by the Food Fight cards and a little bit like Exploding Kittens “Nope” mechanic you can cancel the cancel with another Food Fight card.

During the action phase, you can also play a Reaper card. Reapers are evil, they usually kill off all the family members of one player unless the player being attacked has something to negate this. You cannot use the Food Fight cards to negate a Reaper but you can use one of the many Angel cards.

Graveyard time

Again this is optional but you can discard up to two cards from your hand which can be useful for getting rid of cards that you will never use.

Draw time

Last but by no means least you draw back up to five cards in your hand from the main deck and then the play passes to the player on your left.


I have played Family Plot with several people and everyone that I have played it with has enjoyed it. From the people that I have played the game, it did not take them long to fully understand the rules. The fun in Family Plot lies in being devious and cruel to the other players, your friends here are really not your friends. Don’t hesitate to throw down a Reaper on a player who is looking like that they might finish very soon, forcing them to start from the beginning. Don’t even think twice to steal a family member that you need from your nearest and dearest. I have already said just how impressed I am with the final product, yes it was pricey but I have a very warm fuzzy feeling that I have helped fund this fantastic game.

What was the last thing that you got from a Kickstarter project that turned out better than you expected? Would you like to play Family Plot, let us know so that we can bring it to a meet? Do you think that the game is good value for money? Give us your feedback in the normal way either via our comments section or via Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.

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