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Zombie Babies Kickstarter Preview

Just when you thought the world was done with Zombie’s another one rises from the grave. Well, in this case, the game rises from Kickstarter and we are very lucky to have a preview copy of it. So it’s time to check your pockets for useful items, ensure that your nappy is securely fastened and put on a brave face, it’s time for us to take on Zombie Babies.


  • Players: 1-4
  • Age: 14+
  • Approx play time: 30+ mins


Zombie Babies is a card-based game it has been designed and drawn by the owner of Honeysuckle Games Emma Breden Smith. It started its Kickstarter journey on the 4th July 2017 and they are looking to raise a minimum of £6500 to help it go into full production.

The storyline tells us that the nursery has been overrun with Zombie Babies who have killed all the adults. You play one of four toddler heroes who are here to use their bravery, intelligence and strength to try and defeat some of the zombies to restore some order. Eventually, you will face one Boss zombie and then just maybe you can escape the nursery.

What’s in the box?

Contained in our little preview pack were the cards and six custom six-sided dice that have 2 of each of the symbols on them. A lion for bravery, a light bulb for intelligence and a fist for strength. The cards come in two sizes, the smaller of which are the Health/Energy cards and then the rest of the deck is broken down as follows.

  • Items – Useful things like slingshots to help boost your characters stats
  • Special – Useful cards to aid you to get a better roll or perhaps set back your rival heroes
  • Quests – The quests that you will take on to gain experience
  • Heroes – Our four intrepid toddler heroes
  • Boss – A selection of end of game bosses


Your main goal is to score as many experience points as possible and you do this by taking on quests. Each quest requires you to roll the right number of symbols on the custom dice. If you succeed in the quest then you get to add the quest rewards to your character boosting their stats. Failure to complete a quest will result in you losing some of your statistics as depicted by the quest card.

The game continues like this with each player taking turns to pick a quest to attempt or take a nap and regain some of their energy or life. Special cards are played on the players turn and can either help a player out or hold a rival player back a little. When the boss shows up you want to be the most buff toddler you can so that you can defeat them and take the experience points.


You can invest at various levels, take a look at their Kickstarter campaign

  • £1 – No reward but your help is of course appreciated
  • £2 – Retailer Pledge – As a retailer, you can pledge to buy copies for retail – Orders must be in multiples of 6
  • £19 – One copy of the game with all stretch goals that are unlocked
  • £79 – Get yourself drawn as a Hero or a Zombie, make your baby photo part of the game + a copy of the game & all stretch goals
  • £99 – 6 copies of the game including all stretch goals that are unlocked

Final thoughts

The game is well designed and the artwork is nice too. The zombies have real character to them and I especially liked the reversible heart and energy counters. You can play a copy of the game digitally via Tabletopia, also the preview copy of the game will be at our meetup on July 14th should you wish to play a physical version. After playing the game a few times I found things that I liked about the game and bits I was not too sure about but I certainly had fun. I will be feeding back to Emma at Honeysuckle Games my personal experience then investing the £19 for a final copy. We at GeekOut remind you that Kickstarter is an investment, you should only invest money in a project if you can afford to potentially lose it. With that said we would like to wish Honeysuckle Games the best if luck on their quest to fund their game and look forward to seeing the retail version. If you want to know any more then have a look at the Honeysuckle Games WebsiteFacebook page or their Twitter feed.

Is this the kind of game that might interest you? What do you think of the pledges, do you feel their price point is fair? Do you have a Kickstarter project that you’d like to recommend to us? Feedback is taken in the usual form of our comments section and we always welcome you to connect with us via our Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.


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