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Kitacon Quest: 1 Month To Go

Kitacon is well on it’s way to coming round once again, so I sit here and think to myself ‘Damn, I really need to get on with my costumes’. Fortunately, I have been working on my cosplays (slowly), as I make my pieces in preparation for this year’s convention. But cosplay isn’t the only thing we’re all looking forward to. Here’s a look at what activities are on at the party convention of the summer.

AMV Contest

AMVs, Anime Music Videos, are as simple as they sound in principle. You get a lot of clips of an anime (or a bunch of anime), put them together to effectively make a music video which can either just look flashy, or follows a story set out by the lyrics, etc. There’s plenty of ways to put an AMV together, but it takes some exceptional and precise editing skills, which makes editing an AMV so tricky. The quality of a good AMV can seriously make you want to watch the show; but a bad one can equally put you off of it.

Ladies and gentlemen, I worked on my very own AMV for the competition. Originally I was working on my own mashup, but really music isn’t my forte! After that, I started to watch a lot of My Hero Academia, which I still love, so decided to throw one together. It’s not the best AMV, in fact it’s pretty average at best. There’s mistakes which I see all over, but I wanted to have the opportunity to give it a try – and if it’s considered bad… Well, it doesn’t really affect me that much. Still, perseverance prevailed and I have an AMV which has been submitted to Kitacon! Now, I wonder how well this’ll do..?

If you’re interested in the song used, check out the original video here and give the creator a subscribe. I reached out to the creator regarding the AMV beforehand, didn’t get a response, but if they have any objections I can remove the video – But it’s unlisted so only you lovely bunch can see it!

Cosplay Masquerade

As is standard affair at Kitacon, the Masquerade is back, allowing the best of the best cosplayers to show off their creativity. From people who sew together intricate dresses, to people in massive mech suits, there’s a costume to wow everyone. The number of times I have heard audible wows from the crowd when a top notch cosplay goes up on the stage is simply too numerous to count. With that said, I will aim to take pictures and upload them once the Masquerade is over.

I am keen to show off the amazing talents we see at these events, as fans and cosplayers truly put up a phenomenal performance. There’s an extreme element to their craft, which makes you respect their work even more. Hopefully I will be able to join them on stage in the future, but for now, I gladly take pictures of the excellent costumes and the people who put them on display. Now, time to improve my photography game to make this year’s gallery even more impressive!

Panels, Games and More

A convention wouldn’t be made without panels and this year, both our resident DM Joel and good friend Sarah, who also attends the Shrewsbury meets, are doing a panel at Kitacon. But they certainly aren’t alone, as panels will start from 10am on Saturday and Sunday, a bit later on the Friday due to registrations. The full schedule can be found here, if you’re interested. If there’s a particular panel you are interested in, perhaps we’ll go along to it to report on it during the convention weekend? Either way, we’re going to attend many panels this year!

But that’s never all! This year, our friend Mr. Purple will be back in the traditional games room, letting people join in with his RPGs and moderating the room as he does best. It’s always great seeing recurring people at these events, as you know what you can expect from them and what they provide. So, we will definitely head on in there, along with the video games room and of course we’re going to get some phat loot from the Dealers Hall!

The Opening and Closing Ceremony

Lastly, I just want to say about how much we love to see these. Last years Kitacon was filled with SAFE and NOT SAFE filled antics, which was the theme of the ceremonies, due to a variety of reasons. But, that’s not the only example of what these ceremonies bring to the convention. They’re a great reminder of what’s happening in a convention, as well as what’s left. They serve to give important notes, such as if something has altered, or if an accident has happened as sadly, not everything goes as planned. But, for every sad notice, there’s plenty of positive and happy messages shared!

This year, no doubt the team have worked hard on their theme, Quest. I am excited to see what sort of RPG shenanigans happen, along with what stage work they have planned. I am always encouraged by the organisers, as they put on a damn good show every year without fail. This year is set to be no exception, so be prepared for an article or two about opening and closing ceremonies, as we countdown the time to the convention.


Of course, the biggest attraction of Kitacon are their seriously great parties. From Friday night’s J-Pop setlist, Saturday’s rock night and Sunday’s cheese fest to end the proceedings, the parties are always loud, fun and hugely entertaining. Expect pictures from the parties!

Kitacon is an exciting time of the year for us here at GeekOut South-West, but remember that we’re going to have a different schedule during those days: We’ll be posting more frequently, but there will be smaller articles, so check back regularly on Kitacon weekend! We’ll be there from August 18th, so keep your eyes peeled! In the meantime then, tell us a tale of your favourite convention experience. Was the opening ceremony memorable? Were the cosplayers enthralling? As always, share your thoughts below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.


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