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GeekOut Media’s Top Book of Top 10 Lists: Coming Winter 2017?

We’ve been thinking about new ways to share our content with the world; but more importantly how to reward those who have been with us all the way. We’re really excited to announce that Joel and I have begun discussions on creating our first ever eBook which we haven’t got an official name for yet. We’ve got a working title, we’ve got a premise, we’re going to talk Top 10 with all of you, as these have, by far, been our most well received articles. So buckle up, here’s the low down on what we’ll be offering everyone – Hopefully, kinda maybe as soon as this Christmas.

We’re going to be converting our Top 10 series into an eBook, but don’t worry – We’re going to continue to write our Top 10 articles along the way. Later down the line, we’ll be asking all of you for some feedback as to what Top 10s we should have in this eBook. We’ve got an idea of specific ones that we definitely want to see in, but we also want to share the love by making it open to your opinions. Afterall, we’re making this eBook because of how successful the articles have been. We thoroughly love the discussion that these lists invoke, as well as the fact that you all keep us on the toes whenever we come up with a daft idea for a list… Such as our Top 10 Boxes. Honestly, I really don’t know why on Earth we figured “that’s a good idea for a Top 10 list”. How vague can one get before it’s not even list worthy?

GeekOut Top 10s

However, this article isn’t going to say how we’ve begun to write it. As we’ve mentioned, the content is technically already written – But we’ll be updating all of the articles, so that the content in them is up to date. As well as this, we’ll be looking to get images that we can definitely display in an eBook, even if it means we have to get someone to draw them for us (or even doing it ourselves!) If we have to hire an artist, then the Winter 2017 goal is frankly impossible… however, we’re going to look at every available option, as we truly believe that we want to deliver some top notch content that you can download and call your own.

As for how much the eBook will cost? Nadda. Not a penny. Zilch. Nothing. It’s free…

… However, we’ll set up a link to donate to us. We spend many hours a week working on GeekOut Media content, which actually in real time value is probably akin to at least 40 hours a week from me (Timlah) and more than likely about 16 hours a week from Joel and a further 3 from Chris. We bust our asses off, but we do it all for free. There’s no subscription service or anything like this – But we also don’t want to rely on Patreon, as we feel we want to earn anything you throw our way. As such, the eBook will be our first venture into this realm of PWYW, or Pay What You Want. This is a scheme that the Open Source community have embraced for years, highly successfully. We also believe that you should have the opportunity to try it before you buy – So why not try the whole thing and come back later if you enjoyed our work?

Our recently redesigned logo for the new website

Ultimately, yes, we want to turn GeekOut into something bigger and better. We call ourselves GeekOut Media, because we’re producing daily articles (without fail). We’re connecting on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. We’re reaching out to people for interviews and we do videos. We made posters – and yes, we’re going to only do more down the line. Stay with us – In the coming weeks, I’ll give you all sneak peeks at the new website and some of the new concepts and content that brings with it. We’re really happy to be working this way – And we really hope you keep enjoying the content we put out. And hey, if you can’t afford to throw coin our way, why not just leave us a comment, or click on the like button when the book is released? Also: Let us know what formats you want to see the eBook in! This is the first in an exciting journey for us all, we’re proud to have you on this adventure with us.


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