GeekOut Bristol Meet – August 12th: TALKING TOLKIEN Gallery

We came, we saw, we GeekOut. I guess that doesn’t -ring- so well, but this meet was full of Lord of the Rings jokes, fun and creativity. Check out our gallery and enjoy the weird bonus image of a Gandalf Timlah…

The months come and go, as yet another amazing GeekOut Bristol Meet has swung by. We’ve finished for yet another day, which means that once more, we’re going back to have our Elevenses back at The Shire. But as always, this means we’ve got plenty of stories to share with all of you! Later down the line, we’ll take pictures of the stories that we’ve brought back home with us, but for now, here’s a look at how the event went down and what we got people to do. Plus, it’s always fun having a gallery and getting people to stand and smile for the camera!

A slightly smaller affair at 51 people turning up this month, but that wasn’t a problem! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, which is what matters. People came along, they drank, they sang (in some cases), they played many games (including our newest game) and so much more. It was a great night, full of exciting and different games. But as always, they have to come to an end. 10 hours at the Old Market Tavern and the staff never tire of us (until they want to go home, which I think is pretty reasonable). So I donned the worst possible Gandalf costume and I made my way down to Bristol, feeling a bit worried about the potential traffic as our event was on the same day as the Bristol Balloon Fiesta. So we left really early to get to the centre… and it just so happened that the whole of the centre was rather quiet. Great.

Yes, you may pass, I guess. This ain’t my cave, after all!

Our newest game is Bears vs Babies, which we’re going to do a review for later down the line. It’s a great fun game, made by the creators of Exploding Kittens. Other than the new game, we had our first ever writing competition! People had to come up with a Tolkien-inspired fantasy character – The winning piece was by someone who absolutely knew his Lord of the Rings! Interestingly, people kept getting their races ages thrown off, which was hugely important in Tolkien works. It was a harsh, but necessary part of the puzzle, as it eliminated some excellent pieces. However, you’re here to check out our gallery – So without further adieu, here it is:

Thanks to everyone who came along and a huge thanks to everyone who wrote a story for the competition. We’ll probably put pictures of the stories up on our Facebook and Meetup pages, so seriously go over to those and check them out. Next month’s theme is Techy Teachings, which is all about teaching people a little bit about technology in general… So hopefully if you’re there, you’ll be able to learn a thing or two from the competition. But as always, what was your favourite thing about this months event? Are you looking to come to one of our events but just haven’t worked up the courage yet? Let us know all of your thoughts in the comments below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.

Author: Timlah

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