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Hello From Kitacon Quest 2017

For years, GeekOut South-West has boldly gone where many other geeks have gone before; to the biggest party event of the summer in all of the UK geek scene, it can only be Kitacon! They’re back and we’ve been having a damn good time. Next week, we’ll be sharing our galleries of images (and hoo boy, there’s a LOT of images), so stay tuned… But for now, check out what we’ve been up to since Friday.

We arrived on the Friday at around midday and thought to ourselves “Damn, that’s a pretty big queue for registration.” So, we wanted to beat the queue by not going in it until later. Unfortunately, that only made the queue bigger, so we eventually tucked our tails between our legs and joined in. We were registered quite quickly either way, but the speed of registration was increased as soon as the rain started to come down.

Fusion bar is comfy and has great value food! Even if I did burn my mouth and a whole beer on a chilli.

It’s been a bit of an on and off week for the weather, because we’ve had nothing but sun, then massive rain bursts, then more so – and so on. Some cosplays have gotten wet, others didn’t even dare bring their costumes out. We, meanwhile, have an umbrella and are seemingly lucky enough to where we’ll be sat in the fusion bar playing a game of Magic: the Gathering whenever the rain bursts occur. From Joel running a highly successful panel yesterday, to Timlah’s AMV being shown today, we’ve been as involved with the event as ever.

Rather than telling you everything here and now, this is just a small post to more or less confirm that: Yes, we’re alive and well and yes: We’ll have the pictures of the Cosplay Masquerade up tomorrow, however it’s going to be a late post, as I have to process all of the pictures, write the article and put it up for all of you lovely people to see. Costumes: I brought 2 with me, but I forgot the wig for my Saturday cosplay! My Inuyasha, I forgot the wig for! So I’ll make sure to get a picture of me dressed as Inuyasha at some point.

Kitacon parties are immense

If the Kitacon Committee read this, we’ve had a great time thus far and we’ll be posting a lot of Kitacon related content in the week. But to the rest of you: Were/are you here at Kitacon Quest? Let us know what you’ve been thinking about the event, or if you’ve been to an event like this, what was your favourite experience? Leave your comments below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.


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