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GeekOut Bristol Meet – September 8th: TECHY TEACHINGS Gallery

We really do love technology; that much is certain. We proved how much we love our tech, by showing off our new Raspberry Pi Arcade! However, that wasn’t all we did, as once again the geeks of Bristol gathered around for a night of fun and games; of both board and video variety. We drank together, we sang together (seriously, that happened) and overall we had a great time together. But hey, you’re here to see some pictures of the event and to learn a bit more about what happened. Along with seeing the pictures, we’ll share the competition so you can have a go if you’d like to!

This month, because we were celebrating tech, we decided to put our projector to the best use it’s ever had. We made it become the screen for our Pi Arcade, kindly donated by our good friend Howard Jones. We got the projector running and later found a way to get the light to turn off, so we were able to have a much clearer wall-screen! This actually got people talking, including our hosts at the Old Market Tavern, which was excellent!

I met people with arms wide open!

Speaking of getting people talking, we had a whopping 62 people turn up in total throughout the night. The night was filled with lots of fun games, lots of deep conversation and oh so many drinks for everyone. All in all, it was a hugely successful night – but I’d like to take a quick moment to say a massive thank you to everyone who gave me a gift. I genuinely was not expecting any gifts at all, so to suddenly be given what felt like a gift from everyone was honestly wonderful. From a Pop! Vinyl Mojo Jojo to the Magic: the Gathering booster packs (of which this shiny card dropped), I seriously thank you all for being such great people. I’m glad you all enjoy coming to these events.

As always though, we held our competition, where the top score was 17 points, second place at 16 points and third place at 13 points. Think your tech knowledge is good enough to take on our challenge? There’s 10 ‘Hardware’ questions and 10 ‘Software’, so buckle up and give our quiz a try! Once you’ve finished that, check out the answers to see how well you did. Worth noting the programming question has a few different answers, whereas the html question has only one answer.

Oh – And as ever, here’s our gallery:

As always, thanks for coming and checking out this months images. We’ll be back next month, slightly earlier than usual as there’s a few other commitments we have ahead of ourselves. As ever though, let me know what you think in the comments below, or over on Facebook or Twitter.


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