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YouTube Channel Update

It’s been a rather long time since we spoke about our YouTube channel, so I wanted to actually let you all know why that is and what we’re doing to make content for this in the not-too-distant future. As well as this, I’ll actually let you know why there’s been such a lack of updates on the channel. If you’ve ever watched my Stonekeep videos, or wanted to get more into the Final Fantasy IX Let’s Play I was recording, then read on!

Let’s Play is a term that a lot of people have negative connotations about. I’ve heard people call YouTubers lots of bad names, usually involving their skill. So far on Stonekeep, I’d like to think I’ve been pretty raw with it all, by showing the whole thing and commentating over it. From every little random encounter, through to every little excrutiating bit of back-tracking I’ve had to do. Editing has been pretty simple; mostly things such as montages as I rush my character back to a fountain to get wine for the journey, whilst listening to a wonderful rendition of Quirky Dog. Many people who’ve seen the videos will be well aware what all of this means.

It’s coming back soon. Don’t you worry!

So yes; it’s been a long time but the reason for it is pretty simple. Last year, I moved – and this year, I’ll be moving again! But I didn’t want to sacrifice time on the website. As such, the Let’s Play sort of fell off the face of the Earth and I was left without updates to the YouTube channel. It was a bit of a weird thing to do, considering we were getting regular views and hey – we had a bit of interaction on them. However, time moved on and I got myself a new computer… and I started doing Let’s Plays again! And then I stopped again. A lot of this is down to the day job, the change of location and a few other little tidbits.

Ultimately, I hope to be making more videos soon – Preferibly by the end of the month! I’d like to revisit Stonekeep and I’d love to share the joy of this old school classic with all of you soon. In the mean time, please do keep checking back and hey – Watch the panels Joel and Sarah ran at this years Kitacon Quest. I do intend to finish Stonekeep, because it’s a series I’ve always wanted to finish off, but time and ultimately real life scenarios have caused a lot of disruption (mostly around the day job). This is of course not a dig at the day job, it’s just an observation as to why I’ve not kept up to date with our YouTube venture. So fingers crossed, we get back to it soon!

Joel animated the Top 10 discussion above.

Let us know what you think though – Other than Stonekeep, are there any videos in particular you’d like to see? Did you enjoy our Top 10 discussion recently? Should we go into more genres, other than our Let’s plays? As always, let us know what you think in the comments below, or over on Facebook or Twitter.


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