Japan Crate: August ’17 – Anniversary Edition

Japan Crate is an excellent box of food and drink, which has been picked by the Japan Crate team based in Japan. What’s more, they ship these delicious boxes for free! Interested? Read on for this months crate!

If you’ve somehow missed our previous articles on this subject, then you’re missing out on a delightful treat! Japan Crate is an excellent box of food and drink, which has been picked by the Japan Crate team based in Japan. Originating in the US, when the founder of Japan Crate, Hank Rao, travelled to Japan and came back enthusiastic about the colours and the vibrancy of the culture. Since then, the team moved to Tokyo, so they can actually source the food and drink themselves from the land of the rising sun. As such, I originally thought there’d be high shipping fees: But the answer to that is a resounding nope. They ship these delicious boxes for free!

Okay, technically we missed our usual time for writing these articles, but hey – We’ve only just received this months Japan Crate, which we’re eagerly looking forward to! Regardless, it’s that time of the month once again where we open the big red box from Japan, take a look inside, then consume and consider the contents. Let’s get stuck right in, shall we?

Time for a very loaded box!

First of all, as ever, the crate was really well packed. For those of you who’ve never seen one of our Japan Crate articles before, we always get the premium subscription, because we really enjoy the contents of these boxes. This time however, there was something a bit different with the packaging. The box was packed so well that it was actually bulging! With so much food and drink inside, we knew we’d be eating through this one for quite some time! As ever, there’s a booklet inside which talks about this months content, as well as custom artwork from the companies creative department. As ever, it went on our shelves once we had finished reading – But like all good Japanese food from these crates, we had to occasionally revert back to the booklet to understand what food we were about to consume! Sadly, Japanese isn’t a language I’m that well versed in.

The drink for this month was a Japanese exclusive Fanta product – Kiwi, crammed with lots of Vitamin E+. Strangely healthy, quite a strong aftertaste and hey – Every tiny sip of the drink was immensely refreshing. It wasn’t like a typical Fanta, where you’re just left burping non-stop from how gassy it is, but rather this was a relatively ‘flat’ fizzy drink. It didn’t taste off, it tasted exactly as I picture it should have, just it was very smooth and relatively fizzless. Well worth a try, if you ever get a chance.

Cola popcorn – Absolutely delicious!

Onto the star products of this months crate; starting with a product that in the previous months crate I actually criticised. It’s the popcorn! This was absolutely delicious. Last month, we had lemon flavoured popcorn, which you can read about here. This month, we had cola flavoured popcorn… And at first, I let out a sort of exasperated sigh of “oh no, not again”. I absolutely love popcorn and anyone who knows me well enough will know that I consume a lot of cola. Pepsi Max to be specific (If you’re reading Pepsi, consider sponsoring some geeks, would ya?) Anyway, all jokes aside, this combination worked wonders. Simply a sweet taste, with a salty finish. Uhh, do not take that the wrong way.

Another star product were the tiny pink hard candies, which when you bit into them revealed an immensely chocolatey taste. Seriously, one bite into these and all you could taste was just a strong cocoa flavour. Seriously great, really unexpected and overall one of the nicest chocolate-based things I’ve eaten. Another product that went down quickly were the grape gums. They tasted, well, like you’d expect a grape to taste… But the gummy texture was a delicious treat. Shame this packet was so damn small. One final product I’d like to point out – The seaweed crisps. Unlike a lot of British crisps, these weren’t greasy. They were very clean tasting, but a lot more firm than some of our crisps. A good comparison to make here are Pringles – Which has quite an oily residue to them. You didn’t get that with these seaweed crisps. They almost tasted healthy!

Lastly, I’d just like to say I really enjoyed the non-edible for the month. The past two months, we’ve had little toy foods… Which seriously confused me the first time we got one. It was spongey and could be torn apart and then put back together. Strange, weird idea – However, this months was a convenient little pen. A One Piece pen with four different ink colours, y’know, like those pens you had in school to prove you were so damn cool? Yeah, those pens. Anyway, that was the special physical item for the month. Just wait til you see the next Japan Crate box…

Hopefully you enjoyed our gallery of delicious delectables, but if you were left desperate for more, or if you felt like there was something in the gallery that outshone the rest – Then why not tell us in the comments below? If you’re interested, I seem to pay a whopping £24 a month, including delivery, for all of these goods. Yes, the premium crate is seriously good value for money. So what are you waiting for? Sign up to Japan Crate below! But what did you think of last months crate? Did you enjoy it? As always, share your thoughts below, or over on Facebook or Twitter.

Want to join up to JapanCrate? Why not click on this link and see if there’s a crate for you?

Oh yeah, international shipping is free!

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    1. Truth be told, most Japan Crate stuff is absolutely delicious. We’ve started this months crate as of two days ago… We just ate some steak flavoured crisps and they were just divine.

      Japanese snacks – They’re damn good! :)

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