The Shrewsbury Insider: Harry Potter’s Labyrinth, D&D in The Cave

Ahh, Shrewsbury is a-growing.

We have a thriving nerd community around town, GeekOut Shrewsbury is only one addition to a variety of events, groups, societies and organisations with a geeky slant. Shrewsbury, let me tell you, we are the envy of many towns and cities around the country where the gamers, film buffs, fantasy, sci-fi, and horror fans are simply not as well catered to.

Today I celebrate a couple of new groups to town, the shop Labrinth, and a new public gaming group hosted in the Cave:


Grope Lane in Shrewsbury is no longer exactly what it sounds like. Actually there’s a few rather nice shops up there, many of which are not only surviving the high rates for businesses in Shrewsbury town centre but actively thriving, despite being in one of the most off-the-beaten-track corners of town. The latest addition is Labyrinth, a shop that made local news by bringing a rather substantially fantastical element to the surroundings.

Labyrinth specialise in the magical, currently catering almost exclusively to the Potter fandom, with a wall of wands, a trolley of butter beer and chocolate frogs, uniforms, scarves, and all manor of assorted arcane paraphernalia that one might expect to find in the confines of Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley. Augmented with a variety of classically fantastical ornaments and accessories, the like you’d find at Alchemy Gothic and similarly themed retailers.

It all lends to the wizarding atmosphere, and chatting with Alison around the shop there are so many additions to come that will appeal to the geekier demographic, merchandise and events. Hopefully this very Hallowe’en will see Labyrinth hosting a Spell Evening, just keep an eye on the Facebook page to see what happens.

Plantkind D&D Campaign

In the cafe upstairs from The Cave on Shrewsbury’s High Street – Plantkind – I was surprised to discover that there was a Dungeons & Dragons taster game open to the public. Naturally I had to know more, I can’t help that, it’s an addiction.

Huge thanks to Dungeon Masters Cameron and Becky for letting me sit in as an audience member, and to hosts Kate and Raoul for helping make the game a reality. I sat in for an hour as the new players were taken through character creation in 5th ed D&D, not a difficult task but not a quick one when handling nine players, even if one of them is a seasoned veteran of the hobby (Hi Mark, nice to see you), but having two people advising made it far easier.

I’m already a little taken in by Cam’s world Sternaschair (hope I spelt that right), a world only recently created, a few residents of which can still recall the beginning. I also liked Becky’s first tip on character building “think of them as a close friend”, an elegantly simple way to encourage players to invest in their characters.

Do you have an idea for an event to run in the Shropshire area? I guarantee you there is a market for it, we are interested. Join our community, come chat with us, meet people, and get geeky in public.