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Final Fantasy: 30th Anniversary Arrangement – A Fan Project

One of the joys of running the much loved GeekOut Bristol Meet, is meeting people who are truly passionate about something, be it a franchise, a type of game, an anime or otherwise. Over the past thirty years, Final Fantasy has been in our homes, in video games, anime, animated films, manga and so much more. It’s a hugely influential series which has touched many of us in some way or another. As such, it’s great seeing such a strong fan community out there.

One of our members, Louis James, is working on a song arrangement and is looking for people to take part in what he’s doing. If you love Final Fantasy and want to be part of a fan project, then why not get in contact with Louis? All you need to do is provide him with a voice clip of what Final Fantasy means to you in ten or less words, then wait for three seconds, before saying a loud “Happy Anniversary!” It sounds like a sweet little project, so if you’re interested in why he’s looking for this help, then all you need to do is check out his Facebook post below.

He’s been writing a Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Arrangements album. He’s hugely influenced by music and gaming, to which the two are merged beautifully by Square Enix’s flagship franchise. As such, if you’re also a big fan of Final Fantasy, then you may want to get your voice added to this project. You can hear what he’s put together so far over on his Soundcloud account. One of my personal favourite songs, Ukelele de Chocobo, was covered – But as a tango!

There’s some seriously good stuff going on here, so if you’re able to, help the guy out! Lend him your support by getting in contact with him, either through that Facebook post, or just drop a comment below and I’ll let him know you’d like to get involved. This was just a short and sweet article to hopefully get a few people interested and sharing their voice for a project that has had a lot of love put into it. As always though, let us know what you think in the comments below, or over on Facebook or Twitter.


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