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Trick or Treat & Halloween

Last week, we warned you of the horror’s of All Hallows Eve, by telling you the tale of Ness and Paula as they encountered the pumpkin villain, the Trick or Trick Kid. But what happens when you’re offered the chance for a treat? What happens when someone says those three fateful words to you: Trick or Treat? After last weeks’ horrific tale, this week comes one even more frightful, as we dive deep into Rapture.

Trick or Treat and Halloween

In the city below the depths, the awoken monsters roar with primal fury. They scream, they moan, they cry out, needing more ADAM to make their days pass. Bloodlust in their eyes, the creatures are beyond help – They’re desperate. They need their fix and they need it now, so to their delight, the young, vulnerable Little Sisters are out there, attempting to collect ADAM, making them perfect targets.

Splicers run rampant through the halls of Rapture, screaming, trying to find ADAM to stay alive. It’s a pitiful existence, one which suits them fine. But it was on this day, a wave of Splicers were after this one Little Sister in particular. She had been protected for so long by a seemingly ordinary man, who possessed extraordinary capabilities at handling himself.

There was nothing particularly special about Jack, except for the fact he was looking after this Little Sister, whom he named “Alice”. She was the same as all the other Little Sisters, except for one thing… she really liked Trick or Treating. With her wizard robes on and a mask of an old man with a grey beard, she was excited to be going Trick or Treating once again.

They came to a door and Jack looked down to Alice, who stared back with her hands on her hips.

Would you kindly knock on the door for me, Mister Jack?”

Jack obliged, as he checked they weren’t in danger. The coast was clear, for now, so he approached the door cautiously and knocked loudly. Afterwards, there was a moment’s silence. Jack knocked again, feeling uneasy about this.

Alice jumped with joy when she heard the sudden screams from behind the door. “They’re gonna answer, Mister Jack! Would you kindly watch my back?”

Jack turned away from the door, watching the halls for any signs of life. He heard the door creaking open, when Alice said loudly and clearly “Trick or Treat?

With that a pained, blood-curdling scream emitted from the doorway. Guess Alice got a treat!

Would you kindly close this door for me, Mister Jack?” To which, Jack obliged. He kicked the humanoids carcass back behind the door, then closed it.

Alice started to giggle, “That was so much fun! Would you kindly take me to Daddy?” Jack obliged, as he took her through the halls.

It didn’t take long before the duo reached a dead end, but at the end of the corridor led a Big Daddy suit. Jack approached it, examining it for damage. But Alice wasn’t so convinced there was any damage. She let out an exasperated sigh, “Come on, would you kindly get in the suit?!”

Jack obliged. The porthole of the suit then lit up and a deep, rumbling, foreboding voice came from within.


Don’t open the door.



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