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3 Quick & Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

With Halloween fast approaching, you may be wondering what costume you could pull off. Should it be a wicked witch, a powerful vampire or hey, perhaps throw a bedsheet over your head and say ‘oOoOo’? But if you want something that looks great, is low cost and is great for anyone, then look no further. Here are 3 ideas for Halloween costumes this year, that anyone can do.

Foam Skeletons

Extras optional

Naturally I’d recommend making your own foam skeleton!

Whilst not the quickest, my Oskar mask really only takes an hour to do, start to finish. If you want a strong, durable foam mask, just buy yourself a sheet of EVA Foam, which is also used for floor mats in yoga, or gyms. They’re squidgy so typically aren’t too bad against your face. Design the mask flat, cut it out, spray it with white, or a more ‘bone coloured’ spray paint. After this, heat the back of the mask, using a heat gun or hair dryer and bend it in shape. To give it a bit more of a beaten skull look, rub some dirt into it and make sure to scrub it pretty rough. This gives a nice, simple weathed effect.

If you’re looking for something more “full” than just a mask, grab yourself some thin (2mm) foam and a black shirt, black trousers and a black hood. From there, just cut out the bones necessary for a full skeleton and sew the bones to the outfit. If you’re a quick worker, you can get most of this done in a day. Foam is really easy to work with, so it’s well worth giving this one a go. You can buy thin foam like this relatively cheap, sometimes called fun foam in craft shops.


Our friendly zombie friend, Pete! Apologies for the image quality (this was an old phone)!

Last on our list is the ever loved zombie look. Really, there’s little more that says ‘Halloween’ than people running with fake scars, blood and otherwise over themselves. But, if you want quick and easy, this is a simple costume for you. Grab some face paints, you can even buy dirt cheap adhesive latex scars and shred up some old clothes. Hey, if you’re dedicated enough, consider getting contact lenses for added effect!

Depending on the amount of cash you have, you can go really cheap with paints, or go latexed. You’re going to need some good face paints, or you’ll need to learn to use latex safely. I know some people can have bad reactions to latex, so this isn’t advisable. Latex takes a while to dry, so if you’re looking for tips on the safe application of latex, I will point you to this article.

Pumpkin King/Queen

Not so royal, but still a zombie pumpkin mask!

Alright, this one is a lot of effort, but it is easy enough. For the clothes, wear something nice and get yourself a ‘royal cloak’ of some description. You can pick up costume cloaks relatively cheap, so click here for some ideas.

The point of a pumpkin king or queen outfit would be to have an actual pumpkin mask. Some people have allergies to pumpkins, so do bear that in mind. You’ll need to cut a large circle out of the base of the pumpkin, large enough to fit your head. Once done, scoop out all of the innards, put it in a bag and cook it up for some delicious pumpkin-related food! But, back to the costume.

With the innards scooped out, measure your face up and draw your eyes and mouth onto the pumpkin, where you want the front to be. Design a big old Halloween grin for your pumpkin! Cut out these shapes, then line the inside of the pumpkin with foam. If you have a helmet lying around, you can use this instead of lining it with foam. If you do line it with foam, consider sewing the foam into the pumpkin.

Oh: And make yourself a royal crown, your majesty!

Got any other sweet Halloween ideas? Do you think the best Halloween costume is just a sheet over your head and saying “WoOoOoOo”? Share your favourite Halloween costume ideas below, or if you felt these simple projects were pretty fun, tell me! That’s all from us, so share your thoughts in our comments, or over on Facebook and Twitter.


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