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Pokemon GO Halloween 2017

We’re back once again with another update of Pokemon Go, a game which has kept going through the thick and thin of it. It’s lasted well over a year, with the game still attracting millions of players to it on a regular basis. The last update was done back in June of this year, where we were introduced to the raid mechanic. Now we’re back once more, but this time around, things have gotten spooky once more! Of course, last year, we saw Gastly’s, Haunter’s and even Marrowak’s (Sorry Gen I players for those sad memories!) What do we get for this year’s Halloween special?

Of course it’s back once more, as it was a huge success last year. The Pokemon Go Halloween event has returned and it’s back with a vengeance. Ready to make you walk out into the middle of a road once again, just be cause you saw a Pokemon you’ve not yet captured.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Pokemon Go is the Augmented Reality Pokemon game that people went crazy for last year. Joel is an avid Pokemon Go player and, whilst it’s dwindled for me personally, I still love seeing how huge the community has gotten and the seriously clever attempts to get people back to the game. This year, they’re being smart by bringing back one of last years events, but they’ve gone a step further. They’ve brought about something new – But before we delve too deeply into that, let’s talk about what you’ll get this time around, as a sort of homage to All Hallow’s Eve.

Far too cute, especially with the heart tail!

You’ll be getting double candies! What this means in practice is that for every Pokemon you catch, you will get twice the candy, thus gaining enough to evolve your Pokemon much faster. This is great for this Pokedex completionists, who desperately need to fill up their pocket encyclopedia with cool new monsters you’ve never seen before.

And as ever, they’ve once again introduced yet another Pikachu variant – One that’s wearing a witches hat! It’s as spooky as it gets, because at this point, I’d not be surprised if we eventually end up with a Pikachu wearing a latex zombie mask next year. Still, whatever floats their boat – It’s damn cute, so keep throwing these hat variants of Pikachu at us. While you’re at it, Niantic, please introduce Birthday Pikachu and the Balloon Pikachu? Cheers.


Right, so onto the new stuff, other than the new hat variant of Pikachu – Gen III is here. Like, seriously, it’s started. With another staggered release of a generation, you can catch Duskull, Sableye and Shuppet pretty easily. You can also catch the slughtly more elusive Banette and Dusclops, if you’re willing to go out and about in the dark. But, before you go delving into the deep of the night, please be careful out there. There’s too many stories of people getting hurt because they’ve not paid enough attention to their environment, so the dark does make it extra dangerous. And don’t walk into the mouth of a Gyarados.

So yes, we’ve got a new Pikachu and a staggered release of Gen III to look forward to. The Halloween event has started and will be with us at least until November 1st, so make sure you get on it ASAP if you want to keep up with everyone and their catches! It’s cool that Niantic have been so on top of updating the game, considering there’s a lot of people out there who genuinely didn’t believe it’d last longer than 6 months. Now that the game is left to those who would really be considered the ‘core gamers’ of their fanbase, you hear less about the game – But man, it’s influence will certainly live on in the Augmented Reality scene for a very long time!

What do you make of this year’s event? Are you going for some extra walks in the coming days, or are you thinking of giving this one a miss? Do you still play Pokemon Go on a regular basis? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or drop us a message over on Facebook or Twitter.


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