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AmeCon 2018: Let’s Get Hyped!

Once a year, I go to meet up with Joel and a bunch of our friends at one of the large two conventions we attend annually. This year was Kitacon, where we did some relatively ambitious stuff, such as an in-convention podcast for a Top 10. Next year, we’re going to be attending AmeCon as we all managed to get ahold of tickets.

The tickets opened on Monday 16th October, and even though it didn’t sell out quite as fast as Kitacon did this year, it appears all tickets, including all VIP tickets were reserved within the hour. There seems to be no official word on how long it actually took, but it was fast. This year, Jake and I were prepared to buy our tickets, as we both managed it in less than a minute of registration being open, so we felt rather proud of this. What a strange thing to be proud of, but hey, we love our convention friends and family, so we’re excited to see them again. One thing I’d like to very quickly mention – The website worked amazingly, so great job to the AmeCon crew!

Whenever I go for one of these large conventions, I’ve started to make a habit of getting my close friends and their closest friends together in a small closed Facebook group. It helps us all make plans and let’s us all see what we’re all up to throughout the event. Of course, so early on in the planning stage for the convention means there’s a lot of time to relax, but with that said, there’s so much that people do when they prepare for a convention such as AmeCon.

Being a bit of a geek, I want to ensure that the things I do at AmeCon reflect what I’m most interested in. A lot of my convention time is dedicated to whipping Joel’s butt at Magic: the Gathering, but having nearly retired one of my main decks, that’s not happening as much these days. I’ll let you off, Joel!

One thing that’s nice to see is our friends from GeekOut South-West are making their way to these events, along with friends from GeekOut West-Midlands. It’s always encouraging to see our communities coming along to events such as AmeCon, as it shows we’re hitting a common theme amongst some of our audience. Whether or not you’re part of our community, or if you’ve only just discovered us as you’re as hype about AmeCon as I am – We more than welcome you to come say hey at the event!

For those of you who’d love to come along still, hope isn’t completely dead! When conventions such as AmeCon or Kitacon reserve their tickets, they allow people seven days to pay the full amount for their ticket. This means there’s usually a number of people who don’t pay their ticket in full right away, meaning there’s always a chance to get a ticket, if you get on the waiting list.

So, if you’d like to try your chance at getting an AmeCon ticket, all you need to do is go to their official website, sign up to it, then put your name on their waiting list. AmeCon is usually filled with great cosplays, amazing panels, lovely people and of course, the convention venue that all of us UK based geeks adore – The amazing Warwick Arts Centre in Coventry.

If you want to learn more about AmeCon before signing up, check out one of our galleries from the last time we went to AmeCon. It’s a great event, with amazing people – So come join us (and leave a comment below if you’re going and want to say hey to us!) As always, share your thoughts and if you’re coming to this event in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.


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