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Video Games & Halloween

Last week, dear reader, we spoke about the dangers of answering the door during All Hallows’ Eve. A time considered by many to be a fun, but devilishly devious. Where degenerates roam the streets, knocking on doors and demanding a delightful treat for making you get out of your cosy, warm living room and to face the dark abyss beyond the door. But not all dangers leave the house. For some, a Wonderland full of games and joy is as bad as a world of hurt and anguish.

Video Games and Halloween

It wasn’t the first time that Alice had been to Wonderland, so today came at absolutely no surprise to her. The young girl took in her surroundings, enjoying the beautiful, vast colours and the complex structure of the world around her. Indeed, Alice felt safe and secure in Wonderland, because it encompassed everything she loved most in life.

Toys were in abundance in Wonderland, as were people of varying degrees of kindness. The majority of Alice’s interactions were based here, as she met creatures such as the Cheshire Cat and the White Rabbit. This was all well and good, as she felt comfortable and most importantly, she felt at home in her Wonderland.

Alice looked around the maze she was in, recognising the familiar path before her. The floors were made up of red bricks, with bushes as tall as buildings blocking her path, keeping her trapped within the maze. She shook her head, as a familiar face apparated in front of her; it was that blasted cat again!

Alice shook her head at the Cheshire Cat, whose smile beamed from side to side, with an almost cartoonish look. Alice huffed at the striped cat, before hastily demanding “Dreadful cat, what are you doing here?”

Alice had grown impatient at the Cheshire Cat’s appearances, as he only ever nagged at her.

Astonished at the coldness, the Cheshire Cat simply laughed. “Today is a purr-fect day for a stroll down memory lane, don’t you think so, Alice?”

“Don’t be so absurd, cat! I’m merely going to play a game with The Hatter today.”

The Cheshire Cat looked on miserably. “Again, Alice? Don’t you think you’re taking these games a little too seriously?”

Be gone with you, cat!

And with that, the Cheshire Cat did as he was commanded.

It wasn’t the first time Alice and the Red Queen had played together, as she was rather open to playing games. Because of this, Alice was already aware of where she needed to go, as she had been there so many times before. This maze wasn’t as bad as it used to be, so many years ago.

As she reached the huge doors, they seemed to be bordered up. This didn’t bother Alice, as she was able to step through the wooden boards quite easily, due to her small stature. Pulling out the red gamepad that Alice was given as a present by the kind Red Queen, Alice was ready to play some video games with the Mad Hatter.

As she stepped into the grand hallway of the building, she was caught off-guard by someone standing in the living room.

It was a man. He had a camera to his face and he was looking at something on the floor. Slowly, he turned around to look at Alice, who was smiling at him.

Alice lifted the gamepad and asked as politely as she could “Do you want to play?

It wasn’t the first time that Alice had left Wonderland, so today came at absolutely no surprise to her. She was being pulled away from the derelict house, her dress was smeared crimson red with blood. She tried to look around, but the doctor had her in his arms, restraining her head. He took the red object she had in her hand, which she didn’t get a good look at.

“Again, Alice? Don’t you think you’re treating this too much like a game now?”

She felt a shiver go down her spine. She realised that this Wonderland wasn’t such a wonderous place after all. The doctor guided her back, being very careful not to hurt her, as he took her to his car.

“Today isn’t the most perfect day to go for a trip down memory lane, Alice. We know how lonely you’ve been since you lost your family.”

They drove down the road, in which red was smeared along the cobblestone, as if forming a path.

Don’t open the door. Keep the door closed until the eve of All Hallow’s Eve. When the clock strikes ten at night, the door will be waiting to give you a delight.

Come back soon


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