GeekOut Shrewsbury Meet – October ’17

It was a happy Hallowe’en. And it wasn’t even Hallowe’en.

Let it be known that I do not cosplay often… read “ever”, so even my low-energy effort as the “Quest Giving NPC” still took some work but it’s not easy to carve a question mark out of styrofoam, get it painted yellow and affixed to a headband securely enough in between all the writing and full-time-job-having. It didn’t quite work out as planned, and five minutes after settling into Sweet and the quest marker was in three useless pieces. I took my frustrations out on Murray’s Magic deck and an oversized milkshake.

Kudos to Murray for his cosplay, he endured his wig, makeup and heels for most of the day, boosted along by the compliments of strangers. Sat next to him I felt woefully under-dressed.

14:00 takes us to Monty’s. Actually it was more like 13:30, and a good job we did because a few folks appeared early, and I had a profound need for something savoury to eat. We settled firmly into gaming as people filtered in, the standards like Tsuro, Loveletter, and Bucket of Doom, alongside Braggart and Munchkin Zombies. Once again, Arkham Horror made the trip and went unplayed, but the game takes a while to set up in the first place, and about as long to play. Maybe next October it stays at home, or just gets set up on a table for anyone fool enough to face down the eldritch infestation of haunted Arkham.

As for the pub quiz, I shall be separating the members of my regular Dungeons & Dragons game in future for having the unfair advantage of knowing me. Scores were higher than normal, so clearly I’m composing “fairer” quizzes. This month’s quiz featured horror themed questions, and a sound round.

The costumes were truly fantastic, which made the competition a tough choice. In the end it came down to Murray’s Junko or Harley’s “Other Mother” (whom I may have initially interpreted as Cpt. Salazar from Pirates of the Carribean, apologies) but in the end the sheer effort of actually wearing the costume trumped the exceptional face-painting work, but let it be known that everyone looked fantastic.

I supplemented my costume with a pocket full of fetch-quests! It’s hard to write quests for inside a modern day pub and without the ability to manipulate actors and the fabric of reality, but I threw in things like returning glasses to the bar, buying me a drink, and getting selfies with staff:

Kudos to the staff for joining in and getting involved. You guys are fantastic every month and we can’t thank you enough.

We wound down the night with Werewolf of Millers Hollow in which accusations were thrown and the hanging tree was festooned with the bodies of the innocent. And finally, after all the blood was shed, we settled into Cards Against Humanity to finish off.

Our next Shrewsbury Meet is November the 30th. Keep an eye on Facebook and Meetup for details. You will not have to wait for long…

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