Toronto’s Dungeon Master For Hire

I recently learned that there is a gentleman in Canada is serving the greater Toronto area as a Dungeon Master for Hire…

Don’t I just feel like a complete idiot right about now?

Because it occurred to me some time ago to attempt the same thing, but was held back by one very simple thought: “Who’d pay for a DM when there are so many people willing to do it for free, like me for example?” Because I love it, because it’s a hobby, and because in many ways I need to run games of Dungeons & Dragons or games very much like it on a regular basis or I go through withdrawal-like symptoms. That’s normal, right?

So here’s John, who answered the question a little more positively than I did. So many curious, burgeoning gamers who have only heard of tabletop RP, who don’t want to pour money into books that they don’t even know they want to own, just looking to dip their toe in the waters. Or perhaps there’s someone wanting a game but can’t seem to keep a campaign together for more than a few weeks at a time, just looking for something over and done with in one session to tide them over. Groups of colleagues, new arrivals into the area, parties or just a plain old afternoon!

People are willing to pay money to have someone visit them with threats of violence, terrors and nightmares, impossible tasks and insurmountable obstacles! Who knew?

Not only that, but John also offers up D&D sessions for kids, yet again proving that he has somehow managed to put microphones in my teeth! Tabletop RP promotes better numeracy, literacy, creative problem solving, and team working skills, and (like me) John has designs on getting a club together at a local school, as well as catering to the younger generation of gamers in his selection of services.

He brings to the table a large collection of beautiful miniatures to populate his gorgeously decorated boards that furnish a number of scenarios in various campaign settings, with full options for character creation available. He also offers a monthly Dungeon Challenge hosted at his own dungeon, themed games in 5th edition, themed scenarios for anyone who wants a real challenge or just to get into a group. Oh yeah, this guy has gone full-on pro. I’m all “theatre of the mind” and here’s John with full blown props and sound effects and whatnot. The Dungeon Challenges are so popular that John has had to double the sessions each month.

John, if you are reading this (and I fully intend to send this article to you) know that I am insanely jealous, deeply awed, and would love to chat to you at some point about your experiences as a professional Dungeon Master.

And to our Canadian readers – yes we have readers in Canada, not sure how that happened but it did – if you live in the greater Toronto area then go to this website and get in touch, I’ve looked at his rates and they are very reasonable indeed. Every link in this article will take back to Dungeon Master for Hire, and so does clicking on the image above. This is a very cool idea, and I congratulate the man who actually followed through with it instead of giving in to insidious doubt.

Bravo good sir.

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    1. No no, thank you there’s a couple of us in Britain now doing the same and I for one wouldn’t have attempted it without you getting the ball rolling


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