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GeekOut Bristol Meet – 11th November: FANTASTIC FANTASY Gallery

Fantastic – That’s the word I’d use to describe this past GeekOut Bristol Meet. Another month has gone by and another meetup Gallery is here for you. This month however, my camera died! How inconvenient; however help was on the way in the form of Dillon Keith Diep, who came along with his trusty Canon camera! So with the criteria for a gallery sorted, we had a night filled with Fantasy and… Oh god… I made the wrong decision when I decided we needed a Fanfic writing competition.

Of course by ‘wrong choice’, I mean completely the right choice! But before we get into the competition, we started the night at our pre-meetup where we had food and drink at Pizza Express. Normally, we have an alright meal at Pizza Express, but this time around it wasn’t that great! The food was fine at best, including £4 for a single piece of garlic bread (Pretty disappointing). Nevertheless, the food was fine – But they served our starters after our main course… And then they demanded we were paying too little, which, when we demanded to look at all card payments made, we found out we had not underpaid – But were actually tipping! Absolutely disappointing – Our custom won’t be back there! A shame.

Nevertheless, we headed on down to the Old Market Tavern around 2pm and to our surprise, we had a higher attendance than expected! Not many people signed up, however by the end of the night, we had approximately 58 attendees – A good night! Still, as ever, you’re probably expecting the gallery now – So check out the GeekOut Bristol Meet November Gallery:

As ever, thanks to everyone who came along and a massive thanks to Dillon Keith Diep who took all of the above photos for us! As ever, share your thoughts in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.


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