GeekOut Shrewsbury November ’17

It seemed like such a long wait for it to be all over so soon…

One last gasp for air before we dive into the cold waters of Christmas Cheer, November 30th was GeekOut Shrewsbury, and we have had the biggest turnout since the beginning, way back in… um…

March! Wow, my memory is terrible. Let’s get into what little I recall of the gloriously blurry hurricane of geekiness that was GeekOut Shrewsbury the ninth, complete with photographic evidence.

Shrewsbury Coffee House

By popular demand we return to the Shrewsbury Coffee House for our early afternoon pre-meet. Myself and Alan arrive to find that Murray is already there with laptop set up and playing Borderlands 2 with an early Christmas present for me that I refused to open because it’s November dammit! Love Letter and Magic as Callum shows up, and we sit and watch as Christian Ward takes down the artwork that has recently adorned the walls, a rather bittersweet moment, because when we left for Monty’s we left no trace of nerdiness behind… except the staff… and the tip jars.

Monty’s Tower

Gaming escalates as we are joined by both regulars and new faces for our biggest turnout ever! Oh how I hope that this is sustainable growth, there’s a lot of plans afoot for next year’s Shrewsbury Meets. Tally Ho, Walk the Plank, Magic, Welcome to the Dungeon and Tsuro – always Tsuro – were on the tables, so food had to be shifted elsewhere.

Bucket of Doom was played briefly by the regulars, killing Murray before being co-opted by our new friends who gathered from all corners of the country (England having five peculiarly placed corners) who refused to let it go after my casual suggestion that they might enjoy it if they’re fans of Cards Against Humanity which laid untouched all day. Werewolf was the order of the evening, and we tried a few characters and variations that we didn’t get into at Hallowe’en.

This month we competed for the top of the Pinball scoreboard, which is now populated by people swearing that they were no good at pinball and then proceeding to make my average score a little embarrassing. Congratulations to third and second place, Harley and Mark who were still around to have their picture taken, and to rather conclusive winner, Rin, who has had to wait until today to get her Disappointing Prize!

And so we close out another month, November we hardly knew ye. Now December will sit us in between Christmas and New Year, so I am under no illusions that many of you will be out and about, crying for freedom from family with new games to play… or maybe you will be? Either way, December 28th will be the GeekOut Shrewsbury Christmas Party, and if you – the lovely geeky people – are interested we will hold a Super-Secret Santa, here’s how that goes:

  • Buy a present worth no more than £5. Be sure to wrap it, secrecy remember. Keep it geeky too, you’ll have no idea who you’re buying for, but it’s a safe bet they’ll be a geek of some kind.
  • Add your present to the pile of presents, and add your name to the list. There will be a list.
  • If you’re on the list as a lovely contributor, you get to take a present. Maybe leave it a while so that it stays pretty random. Hopefully you won’t end up with your own present.

Are you interested in a GeekOut Super Secret Santa? If so, let me know in the comments, on Facebook and Meetup. See you next month.