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Merry Christmas 2017 from GeekOut South-West!

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but it’s also the season where you need to wrap up; so be sure to keep warm this Christmas Day. Of course, you’ll no doubt be unwrapping presents whilst you keep wrapped up, but as we uncover the mysteries of today’s article, we from GeekOut Media wanted to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas!

With that out of the way with, let’s talk about what we were going to discuss today; a soft look back at the interesting things we’ve done this year. There are some of my favourite picks of what we’ve achieved this year. A lot of this wouldn’t be possible without you, our amazing audience. So sit back, enjoy a treat – or ten – and let’s check out what we’ve achieved this year! Honestly, I’m proud of us as a community.

GeekOut Shrewsbury Meet

After a long time of deliberating, Joel started up his own GeekOut Shrewsbury Meet, marking our first step out of Bristol and into the wider UK.

Meetup is a really good tool for getting these things started off; As a Meetup Organiser, I don’t just have my Meetup page for GeekOut-South-West: I can set up a further three Meetup pages. As such, I set one up for Joel, called GeekOut West-Midlands and in there, he runs the GeekOut Shrewsbury Meet. With a little bit of initial promotion, we were able to get the meetup from a few friends up to around 20 people or more! Seriously, great stuff – GeekOut Shrewsbury Meet will be expanding further, so keep your eyes on them; They’re going to make great rivals for us in the South-West!

Honestly, @terraphi (Joel), if you read this article, I want you to know that I’m damn proud of you for taking that step – and for doing an exemplary job!

Gordon the GeekOut Bot

Looks better scaled to emoji size!

GeekOut Gordon is the name of the Discord Bot that I made. His goal is pretty simple: Provide basic rules, do a few basic administrative tasks and also to help out with competitions. Well, this month’s competition didn’t quite go to plan, so fingers crossed we can get him sorted out ASAP and we can then, hopefully, make him do cooler tasks, such as let people play games and the likes through him. He’ll also provide some functionality with regards to those weird group names we have… One day!

Alright, he’s died more often than he’s been alive, but I’m proud of writing my first ever bot for a chat channel. Sure, he’s probably still dead as we talk, but thanks to coding the basics of it, I’ve gotten used to working with some, hmm… Let’s say interesting APIs.

Speaking of Discord…

GeekOut Video Gamers Discord

Possibly due for a name change to something less ‘Video Game’ related, the GeekOut Video-Gamers channel has gone from very small to over 100 unique users. That’s one hell of a feat for a Discord server, so thanks to everyone who decided to join us. We’re always up for more people to join in, no matter where you are in the world. We do occasionally promote our events via the server, but other than that, it’s there just to bring everyone together – and it seems to be working!


It wasn’t the best AMV, because I spent a very long time actually trying to create a song. No, indeed, it’s actually a pretty bad AMV all things considered and I’d have given it many thumbs down on YouTube myself; but they always say that “you are your own worst critic”! Ultimately, I am proud that I managed to delve deep into something I have no familiarity with and come up with something. Also, it was nice reading one really cool comment, basically saying that mine was fun to watch. Considering I used just one episode and I reused a lot of the same clip, I’m happy with the result!

“GeekOut Media’s Top eBook of Top 10’s”

GeekOut Top 10s

Joel and I have begun seriously discussing our Top 10 eBook that we really want to get out there; we’ve been writing these Top 10’s for years and even though we’re biased to our own interests, we’re not exactly going to say it’s the Top 10 to end all Top 10 books. In fact, if you want a really good Top 10 book, I’m sure there are better ones out there!

But don’t take that as a sign that we’re not going to pour our hearts into the eBook. Watch this space folks, you’ll all be treated to a free eBook later down the line. We anticipate the book to be finished by Quarter 2 of 2018. We’re currently at a stumbling point on the legality of using images as fair use in an eBook – So if you know anything about this, let us know in the comments below! We’d love to chat to you.

Well, there are so many amazing things that we’ve achieved as a community, so I’m very happy to be able to say that the above is just a snippet of the types of things we’ve worked on this year. I’m so proud of all of the things we’ve accomplished, many of which are thanks to you – Our devoted fanbase. Without you, so much of this wouldn’t happen, so thanks for all of your attention. As ever, let us know what you think is amongst our greatest achievements this year – Or, if you think there’s something we should be working on something else next year, let us know all that you think we should be doing.

For our communities; for everyone out there… And for everyone who sees this article:

Merry Christmas!

We’ll see you all very soon!


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