Merry Boxing Day I Guess?

I’m writing this on Christmas evening, slumped in my chair in a new hoodie, overstuffed with food and casting an eye over my haul for the year, watching some good quality entertainment, half working a short campaign, half writing this article. It’s been a big, weird year. It started with a Charizard…

Lots of things started, some of them finished. I got analytical with a couple of series, one espousing the virtues of Babylon 5, another getting into character design from the perspective of Moral Alignment. GeekOut finally kicked off in Shrewsbury back in March, the tenth such Meet being this Thursday, Tim discussed it yesterday, but as the guy running it let me say that it has been fantastic every single month, getting better and better every month, and that’s on you guys. You’ve already seen the plans for next year, and I’m very excited to see it all happen. We will bring you more competitions, more content, more reasons to get involved, and we can only get there with more geeks like you.

Quotes From The Tabletop, the exciting first foray onto the internet with my friend and veteran of my D&D campaigns Mike, has been closed down. It’s not necessarily permanent, but in the absence of new content and attention we’ve elected to stop investing money to keep it running. It was worthwhile, highly entertaining for more than a few of us, and we’ve kept the few hundred entries you sent in in case we want to start again with renewed vigour, greater willingness to market and publicise, and a better website. Otherwise, thanks for the memories, they’re on a file on Mike’s computer.

I’ve been getting increasingly experimental with my writing, making a point of doing something creative all the time, pushing myself into new projects, things that push my boundaries, stretching my own limits further and further in an effort to improve myself for the sake of GeekOut, our plans for the future of the website, and for some of my grander personal projects, more on those as the new year begins. I may also have flooded Facebook with some increasingly bizarre content.

Events! Thanks Chris (catharsisjelly) for sweeping me up in that hurricane of organisation that dropped us at UKGE, that was a brilliant weekend that cost me a few quid and a lost pair of headphones but I have gained some games, some insight, some Christmas presents for my gamer buddies and an interesting line of inquiry for the future. And Kitacon, you always astound me, I would have had fun without the DMing 101 panel but hot damn was that panel fun. I’ll see a lot of you again at Amecon, where I will hopefully be running something else in conjunction with some friends, and now that Christmas is over I will get to organising that. Watch this space in addition to other spaces that you may be watching.

It’s been a year of dramatic personal changes. Some good, some bad, all progress no matter what the outcome, and while it’s mostly irrelevant to mention it here, there’s no question that GeekOut can only get better as Tim, Chris, and I get better at being people, at being geeks, and as we grow ever more dedicated to bringing you the most awesome content we can pluck from our brains.

I am exhausted, and for the most part it’s a good kind of exhausted. It has been a good Christmas, it has been an enormous year, and for the most part a good year. We hope it was for you too.

See you in the next one.