Announcing: Dungeon Master For Hire

So shortly after writing a short, and only slightly sarcastic article about Toronto’s Dungeon Master For Hire and discovering another in New York, and more still on Reddit, I find myself thinking that there may just be a career in this, and perhaps just enough money to be made that I can finally shed the burdens of traditional employment and embrace a true vocation, a calling if you will. Am I so willing to surrender my evenings and weekends to meet with random strangers and show them how to play my favourite hobby?

Well it’s that or take up drinking…

Call this an official declaration: From February of this year I will be going into business as a DM for hire. There’s still some work to be done, getting a collection of work together ready to play at the drop of a hat, getting some prices worked out, marketing, legal stuff… mostly legal stuff. Once everything is in place I am officially taking this show on the road!


I said I’m gonna be- oh no wait, that’s a heading.

I’m writing some material for games that will be easy to pick up and play for groups of any experience level, most of which will be D&D 5e based (naturally) but I’ll also include some Pokethulhu and homebrewed games for people wanting something a little different. The games will mostly be one-shot adventures with the scope to expand their story for a few short episodic games that will follow the plothooks. For example:

Winter of the Wendigo D&D 5e; 5 episodes; horror. The Wandering Pass closes every winter, dividing continents and isolating the small settlements that thrive on the passing trade. Our heroes are stuck in Luftengrove when people begin vanishing in the snow. Can they get to the bottom of the mystery? And if they do, will they survive the winter?

Six Goblins In An Overcoat Homebrew; 1 episode; comedy. It’s exactly what it sounds like. You are six goblins in an overcoat, trying to navigate the world of normal people without arousing suspicion. Your quest: to break into the Cat Orphanage and get at the tasty, tasty cats inside. But the wicked Sister Maybelle is watching the door, and she’s getting wise to your schemes.

Execution D&D 5e; 3 episodes; adventure. A man is to be hanged in Kiltarnok and a hanging always draws an audience, including more than a few of the local nobility. It’s an auspicious time for a group of strangers to arrive in town, each pursuing their own agenda, but each bound by some inexplicable fate.

More to come, but there’s certainly enough material here to start something of a menu. I’ll also be offering ready-made characters for those who want to jump straight in, custom characters for those who want something a bit more personal, or if people have the time and capacity to build their own they’re always welcome.


For a start, not everyone has the books, the resources, or more importantly, the time. If you’ve read my DMing 101 series, ever watched the works of Matt Colville, perused websites like Raging Swan Press, or watched an episode of Critical Role, then you already know it can take hours of preparation in reading, writing, and modifying, to see most of that work simply vanish unnoticed. Not to mention additional work like drawing, recording, gathering and building materials, props, and other assorted media. It’s a big investiture in time and money to get the essential books, and even more so if you want your game to look pretty and feel professional.

For organisation sake, it’s hard enough to get a group of adults to agree to be in the same room at the same time for several hours. Everyone is so busy. I’m aiming to create an experience that’ll make people want to set aside the time, want to be there, engaged and involved in something that may be a new experience for them, a new hobby just waiting to happen, or perhaps just a different game with different people. As I expand my repertoire, hopefully I’ll be able to provide all new experiences, and introduce old groups to new games, and something they’ve never tried before.

Ultimately though, this is for me. Self employment has always been the dream, and doing something that I love unreservedly, something where I have skill honed over a decade of experience, study, and practice. I want to make a living and still have time to write and create, and be free to go to conventions and other events, perhaps even as a professional event runner. I won’t lie, money is a no small part of the decision making process, but I have more to look into before I start officially announcing prices, and before I start taking bookings.

Still work to be done, it’s going to be an exciting new year. If you live in or around Shropshire and are interested in trying Dungeons & Dragons or a similar RPG, please get in touch via the GeekOut Contact form or Facebook page.

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  1. Good luck with your decision. As self employed myself it will take time to get a business that will pay but it’s well worth the effort in the long run.

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