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UK Anime Convention Guide 2018

With the start of a new year comes the start of a new set of conventions, of which we currently only have one planned, but many more will pop up throughout the year no doubt. We adore anime conventions and we believe it should be accessible to everyone, too. In this article, we’ll look at what etiquette you really should take with you to a convention, no matter the size – then we’ll look at some anime conventions coming up in the UK in 2018.


A lot of people use a convention as a chance to be free from normal rules; they dress up as a character they enjoy, they mingle with other people into similar interests and they know how to par-tay! But, just because people are much more free to be themselves, doesn’t mean that people should take advantage of this. Every year, there are people who spoil events, such as last year’s Kitacon, by doing ridiculously stupid stuff.


If you see a cosplay that you really like, feel free to approach the cosplayer if they’re not busy and ask them if you can take a picture of them. Gosh darn, cosplayers love being approached and they love talking about their outfit/s. But, one of the nicest things you really can do, that so many sites forget to say – Ask the cosplayer if they have a page where they show off their works! That way, you can share the picture you took with them!

On the second day of my first ever convention, I spotted this timid looking guy in a furry costume being picked on by some people who were going through campus. These weren’t convention attendees; so if you do notice non-attendees at the event, be civil and don’t do anything that warrants unwanted attention. If non-attendees interact badly with a cosplayer, go and support the cosplayer. They may just need someone to be there with them, as costumes can leave people feeling vulnerable.


Get merry, don’t get bladdered – That’s my motto when it comes to drinking copious amounts of alcohol throughout a convention. See, some people think it’s all good to just drink alcohol non-stop, without considering the consequences of what that can do for people around you. Some people get so drunk, they end up

Convention Pass

Joel plays card games

Joel posing how to have conbadges on at all times. What a good Joel!

Always display your convention pass, because my gosh, the amount of times people have to return to their rooms, or even get removed from the convention. Without your ‘conbadge’, or your convention pass, wristband or whatever you need, you will not be allowed into anything! No panels, no games room, no dealers hall, no party..! My goodness, you’ll not be allowed anywhere bar public spaces – So don’t forget it!

Convention Volunteers

Conventions are ran by really willing and eager volunteers who want to make sure you have a fun time, but in order for them to do so, you need to be upfront with them about any problems. If you speak to them, remember that they too are fans as much as you are, so if it’s something that you can resolve yourself, do so – If you feel it’s something that needs a member of staff intervention, then speak to a volunteer! They’re usually pretty friendly and should be given instructions on what to do before the convention begins.

A Trio of Conventions in 2018


Starting with a favourite of GeekOut South-West’s, Amecon runs when Kitacon doesn’t. It might not be possible to get a place in Amecon, but really, there’s no harm signing up for the reservation list, as you may be able to get a space. Do note, however, if you do get a space from the reservation list, you likely won’t be able to stay on campus, unless someone has booked a double room and is looking to room share. Don’t believe that this is an awesome convention? Then check out our gallery from 2016, which may have been one of my favourite convention experiences of all time.

Yorkshire Cosplay Con

When the main focus of the convention is cosplay, you know this is going to be an anime filled event! If you’re around the Sheffield area, or can get yourself there, then check this family friendly event out at the Sheffield Arena on June 2nd/3rd. Alternatively, you can go to their mini-convention instead. With tickets as cheap as £5 for an adult and £3 for a child; this is a two day event taking place in The Venue, Stocksbridge, Sheffield from March 3rd. Check them out!

SunnyCon Anime Expo

June 22nd to June 24th up in Newcastle, SunnyCon has been going for many years. It’s a hugely popular event with lots to see and do, as well as huge prizes for their cosplay competitions. It’s well worth grabbing tickets for this one if you’re up north, or even from down south – This is one that’s been well loved throughout the years. If you’ve never had the opportunity to check it out, go and do so by checking out their website here.

There are, of course, many other conventions coming up this year, so don’t forget to look around a bit. You may find a lot of little local events, which are definitely worth checking out, if you can get your hands on a ticket. There are plenty of on-the-door style events too, where you can pay as late as on the door, but usually at a premium. Are you attending any conventions this year? Let us know what you’re up to in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.


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