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Rangers, Marksmen, Snipers, Pistol Wagglers, Rocket People and so many more! A Ranged Weapon Wielder is a dangerous, often hard to predict fighter who can take you out before you see them. This is a list of our Top 10 Ranged Weapon Wielders; There is a bit of a range here and we feel we can extend this list in the not too distant future, into separate categories, such as Bows & Crossbows. As ever though, this is our general Ranged Weapon Wielder list!

Top 10

10) Vash The Stampede – Trigun

The infamous gunman himself, Vash the Stampede is well known for being the man with a $$60 billion dollar bounty on his head. He’s a dangerous gunman, elusive and utterly destructive. He’s a dangerous human being, with evil intent. He’s such a cruel, horrible man, that it’s required to have this crazy bounty, as it’s hard to fathom who could take in such a dangerous man..!

Ah who are we kidding? Vash is a goofball, but he is rather good at hitting his mark. He’s caused a lot of damage, but usually not because of himself. No, rather he usually is just a target, which causes unruly bounty hunters to cause damage, which ultimately becomes damage he dealt. However, he’s a sharp shot and deserves to be mentioned in our Ranged Weapon Wielders list.

9) Hawkeye

Hawkeye – Marvel

The city is flying, were fighting an army of robots and I have a bow and arrow. None of this makes sense.”

Marvel’s notorious bowman, Clint Barton is theoretically highly outclassed by the demigods, super soldiers, and immensely powerful super-scientists, and yet is an ever-present member of all of the biggest teams going, including practically every rendition of the Avengers, the Defenders and the Thunderbolts. He’s a non-superpowered agent of S.H.I.E.L.D, trained in martial arts and espionage, and equipped with arrows that exceed the capabilities of your average longbow.

Fun fact, in the comics Hawkeye is also deaf! He lost his hearing to a sonic arrow during a fight. He’s also been married to Black Widow, and Mockingbird (Black Widow Light, if you will) and has about as much red in his own ledger having been introduced as a mercenary in the employ of villains. All while carrying a bow and arrow, toppling robot armies, and denouncing present Osbourne. Well you’ve either got to be really confident, or really dumb.

8) Widowmaker – Overwatch vs Sniper – Team Fortress 2

In the battle of the team-based FPS games, Overwatch has become the new poster child… However, Team Fortress 2 is still going strong and it will never be forgotten. With these next two entries, we couldn’t decide who should get in over the other… So, let the games begin!

Widowmaker – Overwatch

Whilst being one of the more serious killers on this list, Widowmaker has a very unique weapon. Her gun, the Widow’s Kiss, has two modes – One for sniping and one for a close range rifle. Her versatile weapon makes her an ideal ranged killer, as you have to watch out for her either on the balconies, or down on the ground. Wherever she is, if she sees you, she’s going to kill you!

The Sniper – Team Fortress 2


With a bottle of Jarate at his side, the Sniper hails from Australia, the same country as the legendary Saxton Hale. Skilled with a sniper rifle and a bow and arrow alike, the Sniper is an incredibly important class in the game. With his long range, his skilled headshot takedowns and being able to one shot so many of the enemies, this is one ranged weapon wielder who should be looked out for before walking into an open space.

7) Lady Sylvanas Windrunner – Warcraft

Lady Sylvanas Windrunner is the leader of the Horde Undead Forsaken and she’s damned skilled with a bow! The Undead leader was once a High Elf, who had devoted her life to protecting Quel’Thalas, her homeland. However, as the Undead Scourge led by Arthas came by, she lost her life, being turned into an undead in the process. Her hatred for what Arthas had done was so strong that she became sentient, free from the curse of the Lich King.

Sylvanas is well known for being able to raise the dead, but along with those powers, she’s able to cast some incredibly painful abilities with her bow. She prefers to inflict pain, rather than allowing the victim to get away quickly. Heck, no one dares get in the way of her skills – She was the hardest of the City Bosses to take down, for the longest of times. With her Multi-Shot and Black Arrow abilities, she could take down raids pretty easily!

6) Aloy – Horizon Zero Dawn

What a monster year 2017 was for Horizon Zero Dawn, a game that came seemingly out of nowhere. Aloy, the main character of the game, is a huntress of metallic beasts, making her very skilled with a bow. The fact she can use her bow skills to reliably take out metal beasts is pretty incredible by itself, but couple this with her versatility and weapon accessibility, she becomes one of the best choices for this list.

However, Aloy isn’t your typical huntress – She’s also able to control the machines that she fights, seeing technology as an advancement. The rest of her tribe doesn’t see it that way, making her an outcast. Whatever your thoughts on coming hunting skills and technology, Aloy blends both wonderfully. The only question mark here is whether people will remember this game in 5 to 10 years as fondly as it was initially received? Here’s hoping!

5) Jinx – League of Legends

A later addition to the enormous collection of heroes in League of Legends, Jinx is a rebel without much of a cause, but a hell of a lot of firepower to back up whatever whim she puts her mind to. Pow-Pow the mini gun, Fishbones the minigun, a Zap pistol, a collection of grenades with teeth, because your common or garden grenade just isn’t scary enough.

Jinx is an anarchist in the truest sense, out to wreak havoc without thought to consequences outside of how big a boom it can make. While that might make her a little two dimensional as a character, Riot actually put together a manic clown with the aplomb and grace of a Harley Quinn or Joker-esque terrorist with a smile, oddly loveable in an “Oh gods! She’s reloading!” kind of way.

Also her minigun has cat ears. That’s sweet.

4) Green Arrow

Despite being a billionaire whose past traumatic experiences have caused him to train for combat and return after years in exile to a city he is determined to save from a network of evil doers… Wait a sec, how is Oliver Queen not Batman?

No wait! It’s the bow! And sometimes Green Arrow smiles.

He’s also a peerless archer, possibly unrivalled by anyone in DCs roster. Also equipped heavily with arrows that serve a variety of functions, explosives, GPS trackers, and arrows that can disable nearby electronics, even infiltrate them, Queen has become an incredibly capable guardian of Starling City.

3) Roland Deschain – Dark Tower

The Last Gunslinger, a wizard of firearms capable of trick-shots that no mortal man should be capable of achieving thanks to a near spiritual bond with his weapon. The gunslingers were once heroes of men, knights born of the nobility and trained to aim, shoot, and reload their firearms with preternatural speed and accuracy. Roland is no exception, and carries a pair of revolvers forged from a mythic blade that gives them the power to slay even an immortal, and having enough kickback to nearly break a lesser being’s arm.

Roland is actually capable of sniping with these monstrous weapons, even firing from the hip with the same inhuman speed. He and his fallen fellows form the basis of a firearm oriented class in Pathfinder, the gunslinger, men and women spiritually bonded to their firearm so that it acts as part of their eye, mind, and heart.

2) Legolas – Lord of the Rings

You knew he had to make it into this list and also score pretty highly; the skilled archer of Lord of the Rings, who uses his Elf Eyes to see really far (no really, that’s a thing in Tolkien works!) Naturally, Legolas is able to get an extreme number of kills with his keen perception and his intuition. He always seems to know when something is coming his way and is able to determine the correct angle of his arrows.

It’s interesting that he is considered to have one of the highest kill-counts in the series, as he really is just an Elf – There isn’t anything truly out of the norm in Tolkien Elf Lore about him. With his trusty Longbow of the Galadhrim, he really doesn’t have much that should make him stand out… But yet, there he is in Lord of the Rings, as one of the more important characters in their party.

And then The Hobbit came out and decided he needed to appear in that, too. Strange. Nevertheless, he was always a popular character and with his kill count being so high, it was only right to put him in this list (and indeed high in the list!)

1) Lara Croft

Amongst our criteria for ranking our entries in this list were versatility, notoriety, and how infamous they are for their preferred weapon. The Tomb Raider is perhaps best known by stalwarts of her tales for her 9mm rifles, but in more modern times she’s more commonly seen with a shortbow that reflects her survivalist nature. She’s heavily trained with both, having taken archery lessons in boarding school, and being naturally ambidextrous makes her uniquely skilled when dual-wielding her pistols.

Lara is a true gaming legend, having brought women firmly into the role of protagonist in gaming, and a host of heroines owe their very existence to her, both in and out of the video gaming platforms. Not only has she seen one of the best, and most welcomed reboots in gaming history, she has also earned a second attempt at a film series, and the trailer for the new Tomb Raider film looks nothing short of incredible. Here’s hoping.

Honourable Mentions

Not everyone has a sharp eye, yet some people have an eye for what is effective. Yet, some people are so sharp, they can risk others to prove a point. These two honourables are completely different: One’s reckless, the other is incredibly skilled.

Anyone With The Redeemer – Unreal Tournament

Picture if you will a bunch of friends playing Unreal Tournament in a LAN party setting – Pretty standard affair! They will eat and drink together, often pulling all-nighters to play this game together. Getting the frags to be considered the best killer in the game is no small feat, as the game is so high paced…

… And then someone finds where the Redeemer is and fires it off. They kill themselves, but they also kill everyone else in a big radius.

Cheap, man. Cheap. You’ve killed everyone with barely any effort. I hope you’re proud of yourself, so you get this Honourable Mention, for being a ranged killer of everyone!

William Tell

We like our mythology around here, but it’s rare we get to feature a folk hero in a Top 10 list. While we could have looked to folks like Robin Hood or Billy the Kid, both renowned marksmen in their own right, none have a more famous feat to their name as the fabled archer, William Tell. And to my knowledge neither of them have a suite of classical music to their name… so take that.

The swiss legend was a rebel, defiant in the face of Habsburg rule, and the childish demands of Gessler who insisted that locals bow to his hat raised on a pole. His punishment was death, unless he could shoot an apple from his son’s head. He manages the shot, but Gessler notices a second bolt missing, and challenges Tell, who tells him that he would have shot Gessler if he had missed the apple.

Keep your ear out for projectiles, for there are hunters and assassins everywhere. Whilst we duck out of the way and hope that our heads don’t get blown off by these killers, we’re going to let you decide what next Saturday’s list is going to be on. So, select one below and we’ll make sure we get cover from all these pesky arrows and bullets!

Okay, we’re free at last! Now, we go back to you – Have we managed to pick the right characters for this list, or did we forget a major one? Is our order so wrong, that you’re pretty disappointed in us, or do you think our choices were sharp? As ever, let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Guts, from Berserk. Sure, he’s most famous for the big ass sword, but let’s not forget one of his hands has a built-in crossbow and cannon.

    Would Mega Man count? considering the weapon is part of him?


    1. Mega Man could count, but considering his standard weapon is kinda naff, he has to steal the weapons of others to be considerably good.

      … So, Top 10 Kleptomaniacs, he’d do well in! ;)


  2. I’d argue for putting Sylvanas higher (on virtue of loving her to undeath) but one niche entry to consider would be Isaac from Binding of Isaac. His ranged attack are his own weaponized tears that can be converted into different forms – even laser beams!

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    1. I like this for an “unusual ranged weapons” list or similar, but our focus was on characters notorious for their weapon or ranged skills. Isaac’s tears are ingenious, but that’s not what we all know him for :P


      1. Well I’d semi-argue that’s what we know Isaac for, but I’d have not called his tears a conventional weapon. A biological weapon, though? ;)


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