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AireCon – An analogue gaming convention in Yorkshire

I am a curious soul and one that is not afraid to head out of my comfort zone to experience something, so when I read about an analogue gaming convention way up in Harrogate (Yorkshire) called AireCon, my curiosity was drawn. Okay, it’s a long way to go from Bristol but we here at GeekOut are dedicated to bringing you as much geeky news as possible, so it is my plan to travel four hours across the UK, so that I can bring back news and a report about what happens at AireCon. Without any further delay, here’s what we already know:


AireCon gets its name from the river Aire that flows through Yorkshire and is, in my opinion, a beautiful part of the country.

AireCon has a strong list of initial sponsors, which include Czech Games, Travelling Man and the UK Games Expo. As a convention, it mostly focuses on people playing games together. To quote the words of the organisers:

The thing we enjoy most about board gaming is sitting down with a bunch of people and sharing a fun experience. Whether it’s long-standing friends or people you’ve just met, board games have a way of bringing people together that immediately gives you all something in common, something to unite over.

You should already know how we here at GeekOut feel about analogue games; our meet every month has a lot of games to choose from, and our regulars have been known to bring stuff they haven’t been able to play yet, or want other people to experience – so to me this sounds like a convention that we should attend. Travelling Man will be bringing around 350 games for people to play; you pay £10 for a deposit and then you can take out any game they have to offer.

They are also intending to run some RPG sessions during the 3-day event. The information we have is that there will be over 20 tables, running regular games throughout the weekend. Taking part in one of the games costs just £2 each and anyone can join in, no matter what experience you have with playing RPGs. If you are a GM and feel like you would like to run one of these sessions, then you can apply for a slot. Lately, I have been working on a bit of a homebrew RPG so this could be the perfect place to run a beta test session. I’m sure it will help iron out a few of the details that I know are missing.

Trade and Tickets

Image credit: AireCon 3 FAQ

As of the time of writing, there are 26 confirmed traders that will happily take your hard earned cash, or indeed any money you may of acquired from Christmas that is still burning a hole in your pocket. Trade sessions are open Saturday and Sunday from 10:00-18:00. They also have a bring and buy for people who want to sell duplicates, or games they no longer want, details of which can be found in their FAQ.

Tickets for the event range from £25 for an Adult (18+) and £12 for a Young Adult (11-17) for all 3 days, down to just £10 and £5 respectively for a day ticket. I think that this is very affordable – you can buy tickets using the links on the AireCon website. For all you parents, grandparents or uncles/aunts out there with younger relatives, you’ll be pleased to know that anyone under the age of 11 gets in free.

We think the idea of having an affordable convention just to sit around and play games sounds like great fun, and we fully encourage our community to check it out. If you don’t manage to go, then I hope to be attending and will give you a full report on it. You can follow the convention on multiple bits of social media which include the AireCon Facebook page, their Twitter and Instagram. Tell them GeekOut South-West sent you!

Have you been to AireCon before? Are you located in the Yorkshire area and have never heard of it? Have you already got tickets or are you planning on travelling a number of hours to check it out? Give us some feedback via our comments section or over on Facebook, Twitter and/or Reddit.


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