Superbowl Trailer Rundown


Got that out of the way, now onto the interesting stuff. Superbowl season is trailer season, and time for major releases to grab the attention of the biggest TV watching audience left. And while I’m not feeling well you’ll pardon me if I take this opportunity to have a quick gander over this year’s crop of attention grabbers.

Red Sparrow

Interesting, looks like a cold spy thriller, a proper tension builder rather than a full blown action film. I find myself wondering if someone thought to themselves “Wow, we need a solo Black Widow film” but not everything can be or should be attached to a franchise.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

We seem to be suffering a spate of series that are disguising old films as reboots by swapping around a few moments in the plots, changing names, and updating the look of the thing. Just a little unrelated thought. Anywho, here’s the second in the Jurassic Park reboot in which a dangerous predator is brought into the middle of human civilisation, and hilarity ensues. Throw in Toby Jones and an Aliens reference and watch the nostalgia money come rolling in.


Here is where I mention something I had been sitting on – at least on GeekOut, I’ve been incredibly vocal elsewhere. After Last Jedi, I am all kinds of done with Star Wars, I was never all that enthusiastic, now it’s all gone. Here’s a sci-fi action flick to rob the classic loveable, morally ambiguous rogue and strips away any mystery that might have made him interesting. Fans, if you’re lucky you may actually get an interesting character-oriented prequel that sheds new light on an old favourite.


Interesting. It’s your classic action film set in a tall building a la Die Hard, Towering Inferno, and Dredd, but with the twist being that the hero is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

I kid, the idea of a hero missing his leg makes for a fascinating character flaw that adds another layer of challenge that it would appear will be utilised cleverly.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Tom Cruise continues to drag out the franchise that made him a household name. Can’t speak much further on this one, I honestly don’t think I’ve seen a Mission Impossible film all the way through, and I can only think of two Tom Cruise films I made it through without boredom quitting, and that’s only if you count Tropic Thunder.

Kudos to Imagine Dragons for doing something more entertaining with the MI theme than Limp Biskit did, that’s not an easy thing to accomplish.

The Cloverfield Paradox

Clever move by Netflix to show the trailer for a film that had flown utterly under the radar and then drop it like a bomb immediately after the Superbowl. This one will never be hitting the cinemas but you can watch it right now! This entry looks to be taking the Cloverfield franchise somewhere new again, adding new themes, but that trailer was all kinds of cryptic. All we saw for certain was a crawling hand and Daniel Brühl.

It’s got potential at least.

A Quiet Place

A horror film where even writing dialogue could get you killed. I’ve seen another trailer of this film and I’m very intrigued, but I think if you haven’t seen both then this one doesn’t make a lot of sense. A family living in absolute silence for the same of survival, and even a tiny sound brings something horrible down upon your heads. This is one I actually want to see in the cinema purely for the sound experience.

Avengers Infinity War

Disappointingly short, but there’s a few little things to pick up on, most notably Cap’s new Wakandan shield, a few shots of the heroes working together, although it looks like Stark is going to be stepping on Strange’s toes, and it looks like little Spidey is going to be way out of his depth in very short order. Thor is on a ridealong with Rocket and Groot, otherwise more of what we’ve already seen.

Still, Black Panther out in a few days at least.

Westworld Season 2

Nearly missed this one because I was looking through film trailers, and this is a huge think to casually look over.

On a visual perspective alone, holy damn the robot cow and that blank white model going full on zombie and so many people are going to die! I think I need a few moments to be overly giddy about this one because Season 1 was such a dramatic joyride I couldn’t even bring myself to review it properly for fear doing it an injustice. By the looks of it a great deal of what we see will be episode 1, the grand tear-down of “flesh and blood” humanity, but I look forward to seeing if the same philosophical Asimov style delve into the nature of life vs artificial intelligence can withstand the upswing in action content.


Awww yeah! A few trailers that did not drop during the Superbowl itself, but I’ve been ill and have had little to do but watch trailers and try to write. Here’s some of the ones I’m most excited about.

Deadpool 2

Woooh! Is there anything here that needs to be said? Although, is it me or is there a lot more of Reynold’s tumorous walnut face than there is of the iconic Deadpool mask? Clearly a lot of the budget went into getting Josh Brolin and making him all techy. Money well spent.

Jessica Jones Series 2

I appreciate when a show does origin stories in the second season. Give us the meat of the character, we’ll take our potatoes later, origins are dull and hackneyed unless we already like the character, although there are times when an origin story can be dull anyway. I have faith, Defenders has let me down once or twice in the past (three times) but I’m keeping optimistic for this one.

Stranger Things – Season 3

Nope, it’s a Tide ad.