An Infinity Demo Night

It’s been a while since I had a proper stab at a tabletop wargame, and the last time was a quick skirmish with a starter set of Infinity, Operation Ice Storm which set myself and a friend up with a small force each of factions PanOceania and Nomad, seven models a side and a miniature city-scape in which to square off and experiment with the rules.

We failed.

Oh we realised quickly enough that Infinity could be fun, but damn it took us ages to get there, and despite the many similarities in basic rule structure to other wargames of its kind the minutia staggered gameplay to the point where playing was exhausting. “Next time” became the rallying cry, because next time we’d get to grips with it faster, we’d understand more, and we’d bring in other rules that must surely make the game better, more evenly balanced. “Next time” naturally never happened, because life does that. Continue reading “An Infinity Demo Night”