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Mathematically speaking of course, there is no reason whatsoever to believe that twins are double the trouble. Indeed evidence suggests that trouble may rise exponentially with twins than with standard siblings or any other unrelated double act. No concern of ours whether identical or otherwise, we have assembled twins of all manner and kind from across geek culture and crammed them uncomfortably into this double-stuffed Top 10.

Mathematically speaking of course, there is no reason whatsoever to believe that twins are double the trouble. Indeed evidence suggests that trouble may rise exponentially with twins than with standard siblings or any other unrelated double act. No concern of ours whether identical or otherwise, we have assembled twins of all manner and kind from across geek culture and crammed them uncomfortably into this double-stuffed Top 10.

Top 10

10) Grady Twins – The Shining

Come and play with us…

One of The Shining’s more iconic scenes would be the tricycle tour of Overlook Hotel, in which Danny Torrance witnesses a few of the more subtle horrors that await in the silent rooms… like the carpet. After one classic tension-building turn on his path young Danny comes face to face with a pair of unexpected occupants, a pair of identical twins who only want him to come play, but after a glimpse of their bloody fate it becomes apparent that their innocent invitation has a sinister implication.

In fact the twins are only identical in the film, cementing the idea that identical twins are creepy as they speak in haunting unison as we see glimmers of their gruesome demise. In the book however they are slightly different ages. I’m not sure which option ultimately worked out creepier, but Kubrick’s version was creepy enough to land a spot here.

9) The Thompson Sisters – Soul Eater

Img Credit: My Anime List

Two of the least identical twins in this list, one is tall with long hair, the other is short with shoulder length hair, an asymmetry that maddens their partner, Death the Kid, who is obsessed with symmetry despite a weird habit of holding his partners upside-down. Oh yeah, Liz and Patty can also transform into almost identical pistols that fire bullets of raw soul-energy, “inhaling” their victims into their magazines, and Death the Kid tends to hold them in such a way that he’s pulling the trigger with his pinky.

Naturally as anime characters, Liz and Patty Thompson also grow into bigger and bigger guns that shoot more intensely powerful spiritual ammo, although their greatest ability appears to be the power to reign in Kid’s ego and end his psychotic episodes.

8) Solid and Liquid Snake – Metal Gear Solid

The plot line of Metal Gear Solid is always a point of contention amongst fans, as it’s one of the most in depth plot lines in all of video game history. One moment you’re playing as Snake and just sneaking around in boxes; the next you’re discovering that the man has a twin – but he’s not really a twin that’s born in a conventional way.

Solid Snake, Liquid Snake and a third brother, Solidus Snake, are all brothers. Solidus Snake came about at another time, but Solid and Liquid Snake were the twins. One went on to become the leader of FOXHOUND, whereas the other went on to disarm Metal Gear over and over again.

I think one of these brothers drew the short stick.

7) The Borden’s – The Prestige

Img Credit: Cinema Blend

SPOILERS but it’s an old film at this point, so… away we go.

Old friends Robert Angier and Alfred Borden were competing magicians, learning from one another, spying on one another, constantly attempting to outdo one another’s performances, and eventually their friendship died under a pile of secrets that their commitment to their craft demanded be upheld. The biggest by far, that Alfred Borden was not the only Borden, and that his committed and faithful manservant is his identical twin brother.

The two Borden’s swap lives constantly, so wholly given to the life of a single man so that tricks that require one man to be in two places at once can be accomplished, not just in appearance, but wholly indistinguishable from one another in looks, mannerisms, and showmanship. It is at the very centre of the intrigue and mystery of the film, a secret so well kept that it drives Angier to a madness of the highest order, to which even real magic leaves him unsatisfied.

6) Dante and Vergil – Devil May Cry

Let’s not beat around the bush here, Dante and Vergil are the epitome of what a game revolving around a family feud should be like. It should be gripping, thrilling, action filled with lots of thrills. Dante and Vergil are very much one in the same, but they accomplish everything by embracing what makes them both so very different from one another. It’s fair to say that Dante and Vergil are like yin and yang.

Even though both Dante and Vergil are born to a human and a demon, Dante prefers to keep ahold of his humanity, whereas Vergil is okay with sacrificing it. However, again keeping to the theme of opposites, Vergil refuses to use any weapons he deems dishonourable, but Danta uses those very same weapons. Vergil with the sword, Dante with the guns.

Ultimately, it’s fair to say that at least one Devil May Cry. I’ll show myself out now.

5) Mario and Luigi – Mario Bros.

Naturally we had to think about the best video game examples of twins, so you can’t really look any further than the Mario Brothers. Mario Luigi and Luigi Luigi. No, really, that’s their names. Still, ignoring the absurdity of Luigi Luigi, the Mario Bros are in fact actually twins, meaning that Luigi is only a short space of time younger than his older brother, Mario. Mama mia!

However, if we ignore the issue of time between the two, the Mario Bros do dress very similar. Yet, whilst they may dress similar, there is also a case to be made of how well their identity is very much unique to them. Further this to the clear difference in stature, the two are hugely distinguishable whilst being some of gaming’s most shocking twins.

Yeah, now if you didn’t know they were twins, you’re going to start googling it, aren’t you?

4) Luke and Leia – Star Wars

Img Credit: Nerdist

The Skywalkers have something of an awkward past. A princess and a pauper raised a galaxy apart, blissfully unaware of their relationship to the bogeyman of the war. Two very similar and very different people, feeling some deep unspoken connection, is it any wonder that kiss happened?

Nah I’m kidding, Leia was dealing with some very angry emotions for a man who seemed not to care for her while also trying to fight a war against equally staggering odds, and Luke was kind of there. Seems to all be in the past now though, as the force binds them strongly together they are able to sense one another’s disposition across incredible distances. It’s not full blown telepathy, but it’s close enough, and it’s not made anything awkward… just raises some awkward questions.

3) Cersei and Jaime Lannister – Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire

Of course, where Luke and Leia got a bit more intimate than brother and sister ought to have done…

Ughh, ok, there’s no question that there’s love here, genuine love too, strong enough to drive the Lannister’s to war, to seize seven kingdoms for themselves, to slaughter men in their thousands and to defy the most common of courtesies even in a time of war to protect one another. The question becomes where the love lies. Jaime unquestionably loves Cersei… at least, loved her. But does she still love him?

Here’s a woman who has lost all of her children, and stood before her, their father, her brother, a reminder of everything she has lost. And now to him, she’s a shadow of the woman he once loved driven mad by grief that has only made his heart softer. There’s some very genuine conflicts of emotion going on here, and it’s incredible writing, and acting on the part of the series. But still gross.

2) Tweedle Twins – Alice In Wonderland

Tweedledum and Tweedledee, two little fat men who Alice encounters during her time in Wonderland, are best known as one of Lewis Carroll’s twin creations. These two beings are always depicted as rotund with a bizarre sense of fashion, if you can call it that. Furthermore, the names of Tweedledum and Tweedledee have become normalised as derogatory words for people who look and act the same.

Nevertheless, Tweedledum and Tweedledee were two brothers, well, at least supposedly. It’s not fully clear of the origins of these two men, however they look the same and act the same, which makes them twins. Carroll never revealed whether they were supposed to be twins, but with how convincingly similar the two are, it’d be a massive swerve if it were possible to prove these two to not be related.

1) Fred and George – Harry Potter

If you thought anyone else belonged at the top spot, both Joel and I kindly say that we think you’re wrong. Fred and George Weasley are one of literature and cinemas most iconic twin duos. They look alike, they think alike, they are basically one in the same in mind and attitudes. However, these mischievous men are masters at getting the whole of Hogwarts on their side – and occasionally in a lot of trouble.

Played by real life twins, the Weasley twins were well known for bending the rules to their wicked ways, before setting out and opening their own wizarding prank shop. After the final battle at Hogwarts against Voldemort, the prank shop continued to be very prosperous, adding in another brother to the mix for a while. The

Honourable Mentions

Ah, the above twins are all full of silly little quips, however it doesn’t mean that we’ve forgotten other twins who deserve a nod. They say twin magic is a powerful thing, especially when them being twins can create all sorts of shenanigans. Here are two more, very shenanigan-filled twins who we just couldn’t miss out!

Jules and Vincent Benedict – Twins

If you didn’t think that the classic film Twins wouldn’t make it into the list, then you would be sorely mistaken! Of course we’re going to mention the frankly bizarre pairing of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, because they made being twins simultaneously hilarious and awkward. It’s comedy gold, in a simple, pure way.

Yet due to the extreme differences in the two, the film had to find some way to make them twins. So how did they choose to do it? Did they decide the two were twins and one just worked out a lot? No – They went down the easy route of saying it was a genetic experiment. A little bit of a cop out, however it was probably the most sensible narrative to go down.

A fun bit of trivia here – On release, critics generally didn’t like Twins, but the audiences absolutely loved it. Sometimes, you just have to sit back and enjoy the show.

Patty and Selma – The Simpsons

Img Credit: rootlessmetropolitan

If you thought your in-laws were bad, presenting the Bouvier sisters, with decades of trying to break up Homer and Marge’s relationship under their belts. Ok, so some people just have that, if that is the case then you have my sympathies, and if it helps then your suffering is mirrored by TV’s favourite family, because these sour spinsters have been the posterchildren for unsupportive sisterhood.

Smoking like chimneys – the big industrial kind – with the emphysemic grunt to show for it, this pair may also be a great advert for lung cancer. They’ve left a string of lousy relationships behind them, so it’s fairly transparent why they would continuously seek to undermine one of history’s most resilient marriages.

Also a quick shout out to Sherri and Terri, who we actually thought of first… honestly not certain why.

Now that we’ve finally stopped seeing double, it’s time for us to double check that we are who we think we are. If you can’t remember whether or not you have a twin in your life, just ask who you are to your loved ones. If they don’t get your name right, clearly, it must be because you have a body double, right? Well, ahem, if you and your newly rekindled twinship could just pick a vote for next week, that’d be grand!

As ever, we hope you enjoyed this week’s Top 10, but if you have any suggestions about this week’s list, then let us know in the comments, or over on Facebook and Twitter. Did we get the right character pairings on our list, or did we forget anyone? Is our information as good as it can get? Did the right twins get number one (You know they did!) or did we get our order completely wrong? Share your thoughts and opinions with us and we’ll see you all next week!

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