GeekOut Shrewsbury This Week (And Onwards)

So, a few things:

This GeekOut Shrewsbury is kind of a big one because this will be the twelfth, one whole year of Shrewsbury meets and there’s a lot of info to be unpacked, and a lot of questions to put back to you guys. Over this and next month’s GeekOut I’ll be putting out polls to get your opinions on the meets so far, on the subjects of the venue, timing, content, and what you’d like to see from the GeekOut West-Midlands branch in the future. That’s not to say I’m without plans of my own of course.


It has been rather unsubtly suggested that some of you may be interested in a group-trip to watch a film and maybe get a little geeky about it? Well as it happens Bristol have been doing such things for a little while now and I had some plans to do something similar, starting with one of the biggest film events of the decade, Avengers: Infinity War. As the culmination of one of the biggest cinematic projects that the world has ever seen it seems only right that we should start there some time in late April/early May, but we’d best start organising that early.

I’ll be adding two events to the Facebook page and Meetup after this week’s GeekOut, one for next month (March 29th) and one for Infinity War, the second will be to get an idea for numbers so that I can approach Cineworld and/or the Old Market Hall to discuss booking for large groups. If you’re interested, or if you’d like to propose a film to watch this year, talk to me at GeekOut, or on the Facebook page.


If you’ve got comics, books, cards, or games that you’d rather went to somebody else, somebody who might enjoy them as much as you once did, then I actively encourage you to bring them to GeekOut to swap for something new. Murray and I have already started a regular habit of swapping Magic cards, and it’s worked to both our benefit. Monty’s Tower have been happy to help out with regards reserving tables for us, so we can allocate some space to a swap table.

Hey Joel!

Oh god, what?

Video Games? You said you were going t-

I KNOW I said I was going to get a laptop to hook up to the projector. I know I’ve been saying that for a while now! Nearly a whole year actually, and I have games in my Steam Library that are ready and waiting to become competitions, Worms Reloaded, Gang Beasts, and Besiege for starters, games that don’t demand a lot of a computer but demand more than what the laptop currently available to me is capable of managing (if it even survives the trip). Funds are not not highly available, although my career affords me some little liberty on that score, know that video game competitions are still firmly on the cards.

In the mean time, we have a growing volume of android games that can sate the video gaming itch for a while, I recommend Triple Agent strongly, a multiplayer hidden roles game of information control managed entirely by mobile device.

This Month’s Crafty Competition

Have no fear folks, if you can’t get your Lovecraftian Valentine’s card ready in time I have your back. I have a small collection of art supplies that will be coming with me so that you can create on the fly. I’ll also bring a couple of examples of my own work, as a fanatic of Cthulhoid and cosmic horror and terrible, terrible puns, I already have several ideas on cards I could make, and I sincerely hope you’ve got a few of your own. Keep an eye on the GeekOut Facebook page, I’ll be uploading some work there tomorrow…

I went looking for others, after all there’s usually a few terrible geeky Valentine’s puns floating around the internet at this time of year, but you know I couldn’t find more than a couple? I’m sorely let down, but I have every faith that you lovely people will deliver, and the best of course will win this month’s staggeringly disappointing prize.

The vote for the pre-meet is still undecided, so head on over to the poll to have your say if you’re going to arrive before 14:00 on Thursday, otherwise