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JoJo’s Bizarre Impression On Me

Recently, if you were a friend of mine on either Steam or on our Discord channel, I may have mentioned to you that I’ve been watching JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure recently. At long last, might I add? It’s a series which has always been on my list to watch, but something I just hadn’t gotten around to until recently. I intend to do a full review, but at the moment, I’m only up to the ‘second part’, Joseph’s adventure, but here are my raw feelings of the anime so far.

Jonathan Joestar

Jonathan anime

Jonathan is a man of honour; a gentleman to his very core. He’s a noble man who was raised with proper etiquette, elegance and class. He’s the first man who bears the title ‘JoJo’ in the franchise. He’s incredibly tall and muscular, which makes him look somewhat like a giant. Being raised in such a ‘proper’ way makes him incredibly kind, even to those who would do him harm personally.

When Jonathan Joestar is introduced to his newly adopted brother, Dio Brando, he learns that trust is not easy to keep. Dio immediately tries to tear JoJo away from being a loved child, to having his father hate him. Dio kicks and screams, but only at JoJo – If he can get Jonathan in trouble, he will do so. We learn that the reason behind this is Dio wishes for nothing but power, no matter the consequence.

With this being the first JoJo we’re introduced to, Jonathan is exactly what you want for a first ‘part’. What shocked me was how suddenly part one ended… And it didn’t feel like it did it just for shock value. It felt like a clever progression of the story to our next hero.

Joseph Joestar

Joseph anime

Our second hero, our second JoJo, comes in the form of Joseph Joestar. As a stark contrast to his grandfather, Joseph is a lot more assertive, shall we say? Much like his grandfather, Joseph is a very tall and muscular man – But that’s pretty much where the similarities end. Joseph is not as refined as his grandfather, only being a gentleman to people that are dear to him; mostly his granny.

Joseph is a very cunning trickster and is a natural born Hamon user. Hamon, also known as Ripple, is effectively an ancient martial art which uses the power of the sun. To invoke it, the user typically has to use their ‘Hamon breathing’. Joseph was born with the ability to use Hamon, unlike his grandfather who had to be taught it. Still, with this natural ability, it does mean that Joseph is a little bit cocky.

Whether he’s gunning down vampires in a public area, or he’s acting tougher than he really is, it seems that Joseph has a heart of gold, even if he acts like a tough guy. Joseph is a fantastic deviation from Jonathan.


JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Img Source: Crunchyroll

I mentioned how I will be going into a full review at some point; however I decided to do a bit of reading up on the rest of the JoJo’s that are to come. I found the JoJo Wikia which has a family tree, which is an interesting insight as to what’s to come. Once the first part finished, I was confused, but as the second part opened, it all made sense and naturally, I found myself wanting to get through each part.

If you’re keen on watching JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, you should check it out as it’s all on Crunchyroll. Considering we’ve got a GeekOut Bristol Meet themed around JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, I figured it was time I got around to watching it – and I’m glad that I have. The first two protagonists have been incredible, so I’m looking forward to seeing more. Also, the show has given me a desire to look fabulous, so maybe I should start buying fancy clothes..?

… Nah!

If you’re a JoJo fan, let us know in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter. Is there anything I should be really looking forward to? What becomes of the Brando family? Share your love for the series with us!


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