Top 10 Invisible Characters

I feel like I’m going blind looking down this list! All I can see are floating clothes! Something isn’t right here. Oh wait, I know, this must be our Top 10 Invisible characters. Before we see what cannot be seen, we must tell you that a character doesn’t need to be able to control their invisibility to be considered; however it must be a skill or ability they have, or something that’s just natural to them. As ever then, here’s this week’s unseeable Top 10!

I feel like I’m going blind looking down this list! All I can see are floating clothes! Something isn’t right here. Oh wait, I know, this must be our Top 10 Invisible characters. Before we see what cannot be seen, we must tell you that a character doesn’t need to be able to control their invisibility to be considered; however it must be a skill or ability they have, or something that’s just natural to them. As ever then, here’s this week’s unseeable Top 10!

Top 10

10) Millard Nullings – Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

There’s not too much to say about Millard Nullings, at least nothing which you hadn’t guessed by his very inclusion in this list. He’s a little boy who’s peculiarity is that he is invisible, which means the best way to keep track of him is via his clothes. Of course, that doesn’t mean he wears clothes very often, as nobody can see him. It’s a great way to keep out of sight and out of mind, making him a bit of a trickster.

Amongst the peculiars of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, he is one of the simplest. Invisibility can be considered a curse by many, especially when you cannot control your invisibility – However Millard takes it as a blessing. He uses his invisibility entirely to his advantage, making him an excellent spy, pickpocket and more.

Although, upon double checking facts on this one, I stumbled across his Wikia page… And the comments are, uh, interesting, to say the least.

9) Ghosts – Starcraft

Stood amidst the hulking towers of power armour, walking tanks, and siege engines of the Terran military junta, we’re the most devastating unit by far, the small and stealthy Ghosts. Maddeningly, a ghost could stroll through any defence erected, completely cloaked in their Hostile Environment Suit, to unleash one of the game’s most devastating weapons.

Nuclear launch detected

The most famous Ghost was (and is) Sarah Kerrigan, who would ultimately become the Queen of Blades, but had plans not fallen through we would have known Nova better, the protagonist of the planned stealth spin off to the RTS game. Perhaps with the rise of the franchise thanks to the long awaited sequel, we may finally see StarCraft: Ghost resurface. We can but hope.

8) Invisible Boy – Mystery Men

The most useless form of invisibility, the kind that only works when no one’s looking. So… I mean how do you know it’s working?

Well the Invisible Boy gets the chance to prove himself a member of the magnificent Mystery Men, when an automated defence system proves incapable of detecting his invisible body, sadly everyone else does when they turn around to see him stood naked next to the switch.

He also serves as the naïve and oblivious newcomer to the hero scene to whom things must be explained, like why you don’t pull the Spleen’s finger. You never learn his name, his powers are barely acknowledged, but just once he has the time to shine, and nobody sees it.

7) Toru Hagakure – My Hero Academia

Toru Hagakure wanted nothing more than to use her quirk of invisibility to be a great hero that everyone would notice, look up to and be inspired by. She’s a very happy-go-lucky character that gets along with just about everybody in her class in U.A. High School, the elite school for students who want to use their quirks for good, in other words, using their quirks to be a superhero.

This entry is very similar to Millard Nullings, with a few exceptions. Whilst Millard is a bit of a prankster, a thief and a master spy, Toru is more of a scout, an infiltrator and, most importantly, is an expert at trapping the baddies. She may not be noticed by everyone, similar to Millard due to the fact her hero outfit is also invisible, presumably due to nudity with the exception of her boots and gloves, but the role she plays can be monumental to stopping the baddies.

6) The Spy – Team Fortress

We all know and love Team Fortress 2, but one of the key characters of the game is known for striking fear into the hearts of all that would leave themselves unchecked. Have a Pyro blasting flames every few seconds, because if a Spy gets behind you and stabs you, well, you can expect a swift death. But how could you not notice the Spy getting behind you? Could it be that the Spy is unseen to the naked eye?

Actually, it is possible to catch a Spy in the act, but that’s kind of what makes a good Spy so deadly. They can take out key enemies, they can render the Engineers buildings useless and they can also take the guise of the opposition. But most important of all, with items such as the Dead Ringer, the Invisibility Watch and the Cloak and Dagger, the Spy is able to go fully invisible.

5) Randall Boggs – Monsters Inc.

The chameleonic monster of Pixar’s Monsters Inc is a master of his craft, capable of near instantaneous colour changes to match his surroundings, even matching his own complex and multilimbed movements while maintaining his disguise. He has a tendency to lose control when struck or shocked, resulting in mimicking backgrounds from his distant memory, and given that most of those are children’s bedroom wallpaper, it frequently means brightly coloured and simplistic patterns.

He’s stealthy, being capable of crawling across nearly any surface makes his movements hard to anticipate, but his boss proved to be the more duplicitous of the two, hiding in plain sight for years, without the notice of the CDA. Randall’s skills helped him keep their nefarious activities hidden, but Waternoose’s disguise was more complete.

4) Jack Griffin – The Invisible Man (H.G. Wells)

The original, but doesn’t quite make the best of the list, and the most family-friendly way we could incorporate Kevin Bacon’s Hollow Man into this list. Dr. Griffin is driven to the heights of mad science in his pursuit for power and glory, and in so doing he stumbles upon a chemical and radioactive formula that allows living tissue to become invisible. He eventually abandons all attempts to return to normal as he discovers that the drawbacks outweigh the positives.

Answering the question “What would you do” from our darkest selves, Griffin becomes a thief and a murderer, and plans more terrible deeds for which he could never be convicted because he could never be caught. Confiding in another human, one with a conscience ends up being his downfall however, as the efforts of Dr. Kemp result in Griffin being cornered and beaten to death, slowly becoming visible as he dies.

3) Sue Storm – Fantastic Four vs Violet Parr – The Incredibles

Versus time. Two staggeringly similar characters, almost uncannily similar invisible women and members of close-knit super-families.

Sue Storm

The original, but whether she is the best I leave open to you. The responsible one in the Fantastic Four, and beleaguered wife to Reed Richards, during the storm of cosmic energy Sue is granted the powers of invisibility and force field creation. She’s not so offensively capable as her burning brother or tank of a friend, but she keeps the team together, and safe.

She’s had an affair with the submariner Namor, led the team in the absence of her husband, and is the actual person you are invoking when you say “Mother of God”!

Violet Parr

Courtesy of her super-heroic parentage, Violet has the powers of invisibility and force-field manipulation. Sound familiar? I should imagine it would because frankly, the Incredibles has been the greatest on-screen adaption of the Fantastic Four ever created, so as far as cultural impact may be concerned it may be that Violet is the more important character. Certainly she has greater narrative impact in her one film than Sue has had in any of hers.

Violet returns in the Incredibles 2 later this year, and given the quality of writing we’ve seen so far we may again see another brilliantly composed character who is far from invisible to us. See also, “Sister of God”.

2) The Cheshire Cat – Alice in Wonderland

Did you really think we could forget the charismatic Cheshire Cat from this list? This critter can appear and disappear whenever it so chooses… Which can prove to be both useful and problematic for poor Alice Liddell, who often needs the advice of this fuzzy friend. Being stuck inside of Wonderland is definitely no easy task, so without this cloaking kitty, who knows how Alice would have coped.

It doesn’t matter what version of Alice in Wonderland you look at either, the Cheshire Cat is always deemed to be a little bit mischievous. As such, just because it can disappear and reappear before your eyes, it chooses when it reveals itself. Whether Cheshire Cat is bright pink or a deep, purpley-grey in colour, this cool cat can just decide when to hide away, only really appearing to help Alice out.

… Also, Cheshire Cat has been exploded in the past. Just because you kind of needed to see this.

1) Predator

Of all our list entries, we can’t think of any who use their power more effectively, never breaking cover until forced, keeping to vantage points, attacking from a distance while baiting his prey into prime positions for the kill, the ultimate tactics for a predator oh my god that’s why they call it that!!!

Equipped with heavy blades, a devastating energy weapon, a low-yield nuke, and a near-perfect cloaking device that reduces its hulking form to a shimmering outline. Though the technology is staggeringly advanced it’s still vulnerable to a dip in cold water and a few too many scrapes, but being able to see the Predator doesn’t do you any favours.

Honourable Mentions

You can’t kill what you can’t see, or something like that. As such, when we listed our Top 10 invisible characters, they all had to have invisibility as a part of them. However, you can get invisibility in a variety of ways in different media. Here are two literature and film examples of characters who get invisibility just by having an item in their possession.

Harry Potter

Haha, technically this isn’t a character that can disappear and reappear, but rather Harry Potter is in possession of one of the best items a trickster can have – The Invisibility Cloak. With this cloak wrapped around the users body, they are able to walk around undetected, with the exception of being detected by magical means, of course – They wouldn’t give our protagonist such a clearly broken item.

Still, with this said, Harry Potter and anyone else who has used the Invisibility Cloak have been able to get away with a lot. One of my favourite scenes involving this cloak was where Harry was almost detected by Snape, simply by breathing too hard. It’s something that not a lot of invisible characters seem to have to get used to, mostly because they’ve grown used to their ability – But at least this small discrepancy is discussed in the Harry Potter universe.

Bearers of The One Ring – Lord of the Rings

Ringwraiths, the Nazgul, are naturally the bearers of the rings – Powerful, jewellery that is far too precious for your fingers to wear. Because the moment you put it on and go to show your friends and family your gorgeous new golden One Ring, your family will scream in shock. Where you once stood, you will have completely disappeared to them – And you will be stuck in a world of madness and horror.

But granted, you really shouldn’t be taking anyone else’s rings. That’s just bad etiquette, let alone theft! So, you should travel to Mordor, completely stealthed of course. When there, you should give that ring back to the owner, by throwing it into their volcano. They’ll love you for it! But don’t get too attached to the ring along the way, as it isn’t your precious now, is it, young Smeagol?

Dishonourable Mention

Invisibility is a hell of a trait to have, so it’s no wonder some children really wished they were invisible…

Eric Cartman – South Park

Eric Cartman, an infamously horrible little child in the fictional town of South Park, has on two separate occasions mistakenly thought he was invisible. One time, he was being purposefully ignored by everyone, so even though he was doing and saying horrible things, people pretended he wasn’t there. The other time, he just pretended he was invisible – The joke was entirely on Eric, however, as he was never invisible at all.

What a chump!

In the words of a (currently) 16 time World Champion, “You Can’t See Me!” However, just because the leader of the Cenation is just as bad as Eric Cartman for thinking that people can’t see him, the rest of the characters listed today are all fine examples of, well, characters that cannot be seen for a variety of reasons. Don’t worry though, our Top 10 choices for next week aren’t invisible, so choose one now before they decide to hide away…

That’s it for another week of Top 10’s, we’ve seen the best of those who can’t be seen and one of the worst. However, as ever, we’d like to open the conversation to you. What did you make of this week’s list? Did we forget any invisible characters that deserved to be seen? Did we order the list in the right way? As ever, share your thoughts and opinions below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.

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